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The Darfur Region of the Sudan By Hillary Pearson and David Thomason.

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1 The Darfur Region of the Sudan By Hillary Pearson and David Thomason

2 Sudanese Flag

3 The Darfur Region LLocated in Western Sudan NNorthern Region is affected by desertification SSouthern and Western regions are composed of fertile farm-land

4 Sudan and Darfur Region

5 Background History  Sudan was under British control until 1956  Since then, Sudan has been in civil war, except for one decade - from 1972-1982  During this time, there was a cease- fire in Sudan  Arabs and Muslims dominate the Sudanese government

6 Groups of the Darfur  There are 3 major African tribes in Darfur  Fur  Masalit  Zaghawa  These tribes have farmed the most fertile land in Darfur for generations  Arab nomads herd cattle each year in northern Darfur

7 Fur Masalit The Tribes Zaghawa

8 From Peace to War  The Africans’ crops are being trampled by the Arabs’ herds of cattle and camels  The Africans have resorted to self defense to protect their crops and are receiving no governmental support

9 African Rebels

10 The Africans  Known as the Rebels  Two Groups  Sudanese Liberation Army/Movement (SLA/M)  Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

11 Africans Refugees Fleeing Home

12 The Arabs and the Government  Many Sudanese people believe that the Arabs are being supported by the government  Similar uniforms  Coup in 1889 which led to a military supportive government  The Janjaweed is a Arab militia in Darfur This groups raids homes of civilians  The Government and the Janjaweed has displaced over 1.5 million civilians

13 Homeless People, Ruined Towns A displaced refugee resting after 34 days of walking to safety The remains of a town ruined by the Janjaweed officers

14 Has the Government Helped?  The Sudanese Government’s only attempt to help the Africans was by declaring a ceasefire – the Ceasefire has not been at all successful  CEASEFIRE- an order to stop fighting, or a suspension of hostile activities; truce  Overall, the government has done nothing, other then denying the rumors about helping the Janjaweed

15 Omar al - Bashir Sudanese President Denied anything to do with the Janjaweed and referred to them as “thieves and gangsters”

16 International Help and Views  Aid agencies have set up refugee camps, but have complained of lack of resources and Sudanese Bureaucratic interference  Since so many countries are arguing about what to do with the situation in Darfur, not much international help has been received.

17 Bibliography

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