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Emilee Claessens & Megan Whaley. 100 Dead Per Day.

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1 Emilee Claessens & Megan Whaley

2 100 Dead Per Day

3 5000 Dead Per Month

4 Conflicts in Sudan are broken up into two main periods of time 1983-2003 : Several Areas of Sudan 2003-Present : Darfur

5 1983-2005 Between Sudanese government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army Continuation of the first Sudanese civil war which took place from 1955-1972

6 A Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed between SPLM (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement) and The Government of Sudan declared Southern Sudan’s independence in July 2011

7 Roughly 2 million people died as a result of the war due to famine and disease, 4 million displaced, possibly multiple times Families broken apart, kicked out of their homes, children removed and forced to fight as soldiers

8 1989-Present The Abyei Region, South Kordofan, Nuba Mountains & Blue Nile

9 Raping and murdering of civilians Burning of villages Stealing of natural resources Increased poverty rate Slavery and mass killings

10 Aerial bombardments and ground attacks directed at farmers, preventing from planting crops in south Kordofan and Blue Nile Bomb civilians in the Nuba mountains forcibly cleared civilian areas to facilitate oil exploration Denial of international humanitarian aid has set up a crisis that is leading to starvation

11 Sudan is located 10,608 km from us, in Northeastern Africa

12 The Abyei Region, South Kordofan (Nuba Mountains) & The Blue Nile

13 Forces or groups under command of the government President Omar al-Bashir Overthrew previous command in 1989 Has been accused of perpetrating war crimes and crimes against humanity

14 Regularly deploy troops tanks and local militias against their own Sudanese citizens Empowered local militias to attack civilian supporters of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) across the country These actions are responsible for the deaths of 2 million Sudanese during the 22 year long civil war

15 Does history repeat itself in time?

16 Make you think of anyone?

17 Omar al-Bashir Against Darfurians Janjaweed as personal army Mass Killings Hitler Against Jews SS as personal army Mass Killings Although both incidents happened to different extremities, should we have known it was going to happen? Were there any signs of it?

18 Abyei Territory and the States of South Kordofan and Blue Nile Darfur Nuba Mountains Jebel Marra Area

19 1989-2003: Fight for Political Power 2003-Presesnt: Basic Rights Economic resources Religion and Race North Sudan Muslim South Sudan Christian Hatred of Each Other

20 2003-Present Southern Sudan

21 The Abyei Region is the approximate boarder line between the two areas Issues including the boarder and an agreement over oil remain unresolved A war has been threatened between north and south Violence along boarder is limiting delivery of aid and supplies, which is restricting the ability to grow and harvest life sustaining food


23 600 million people Around 100 tribes Muslim Main conflicts occur between the local Nomads and Farmers

24 Soldiers of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) Allied Janjaweed Militias Air force Other Armed Radical Groups Two rebels movements; The Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) and The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

25 The Government responded to a rebellion in Darfur with a genocidal campaign against the civilians, killing over 300 thousand and displacing over 3 million Government is restricting humanitarian aid for its people, and completely banning it in some areas, affecting hundreds of thousands

26 In this crisis, which is still continuing today, People are fleeing to different countries such as Chad and The Central African Republic Refugees live in camps with little to no food, shelter or water Living with constant fear of being raped or killed Living with constant fear of being raped or killed Fighting off diseases and illnesses

27 In September 2004, George Bush declared the crisis in Darfur a genocide This was the first time a sitting American President had made such a declaration, regarding an ongoing conflict

28 Translation “man with a gun on a horse” Leader Musa Hilal Operating from 1987-present Arab ethnic nationalism Estimated to be less than 25000 Operate in Darfur, western Sudan and eastern chad Previously have had problems with farmers

29 Currently in conflict with Darfur rebel groups Sudan Liberation Movement and The Justice and Equality Movement Have been main players in Darfur conflict Since 2003 Want resources and land Allied with government Responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths Responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths 8qVE 8qVE

30 Huge population Extremely poor living conditions Little to no medical care, leading to diseases and infections spreading fast Dehydration Malnutrition Physical and mental traumas related to rape and other types of assaults High ethnic tension



33 Women who leave the camps risk rape or harassment if they leave the camp to access water, firewood, or crops Due to limited access of aid, they often do not have a choice but to leave the camp Gender based violence has been used as a tool to apress women throughout the crisis Due to cultural restrictions, gender based violence often goes unreported and perpetrators are rarely held accountable for their crimes


35 If someone kicks you out of your house and kills your family, are you to blame?

36 Would two men be able to get away with gang raping a woman in our society?

37 Are we given a monetary value?

38 The answer to all these questions is NO!!!

39 Why are we not doing anything about it? Or are we trying?

40 Why is the Government getting away with this?

41 United Nations is not taking the necessary action to stop this genocide In total, 92 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity have been charged The President himself has 2 counts of war crimes, 5 counts of crimes against humanity and genocide charges, although he has not been arrested Peacekeeping missions continue to have not enough resources to be successful

42 Donate! Donate! The money raised goes towards: Food Water Shelter Medical Attention, Supplies and Staff Freeing of victims Raise Awareness!!!


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