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Welcome to English 98 in the Communication Learning Center.

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1 Welcome to English 98 in the Communication Learning Center

2 The Communication Learning Center (The CLC) ◦Is located in Building 5 Rm 113 ◦Offers the following courses:  English 93/Independent Study Skills  English 95/Reading Lab  English 104/Grammar and Punctuation  English 152/Reading Rate Improvement

3 English 98  How many credits are you registered for?  Most students are registered in the core program for 5 credits.  Returning students may be registered for fewer credits.  Supplemental students are usually registered for 1-2 credits.  English 104 students are registered for 3 credits.

4 English 98  What materials do you need for English 98?  English 98 packet  Novel to read and journal for credit 5  Notebook paper for 3-ring binder  Three ring binder for packet and journal  USB drive—it’s handy for working at home and on the computers available in the CLC

5 English 98  How does this class work?  This class is self-paced, which means you will work independently. Come daily at your assigned time so that you can complete the credits you have registered for.  When you have finished a step or have a question, put your name on the board to see an instructor. Please don’t raise your hand because the instructor may not see you. You must stop when a signature is required and meet with an instructor before continuing.  If you must wait to see an instructor, review your work or read your novel while you wait.  Check your specific program to determine how much work may be completed on any one day.

6 English 98  What will you do to earn each credit?  Credit 1– write a descriptive paragraph  Credit 2– write two descriptive paragraphs  Credit 3– write an assessment paragraph, a summary, and a response  Credit 4– write a narrative essay  Credit 5– write an essay based on the novel you read and your journals

7 English 98  How will your attendance and effort affect your success in English 98?  Please sign in on the attendance computer.  Credit completion = usually 10 hours (2 weeks) of in-class time, so pace yourself  Plan or revise your writing at home to stay on track for credit completion.  At least three times a week, read your novel for 20-30 minutes and write in your journal as homework.  Plan to complete your novel and journal around the 9 th or 10 th week of the quarter (before Credit 5), so you can use them in your Credit 5 essay.

8 English 98  How does the CLC grading work?  If you’re enrolled in a 90-level course, you will receive a Pass (P) for the number of credits you complete. These credits do not affect your GPA, but they DO count for financial aid. English 104 credits are graded and transferrable.  You may enroll in up to 10 credits in the CLC per quarter, and you may take this class up to three times.

9 English 98  When is CLC open and what is the phone number?  Lab Hours: 7:30 am—2:00 pm  Lab Phone: 533-3604  Please silence your cell phone. If you must answer your phone, take the call in the hall. Avoid text messaging, these distractions slow your progress and credit completion.  Ask your instructor about iPods and other listening devices.

10 English 98  What should you register for next quarter? After midterm, one of the following recommendations will be made:  More English 98 practice  English 99—to do so you must complete at least 3 credits  English 101—to do so you need to complete at least 4 credits Moving to the next level is not entirely based on credit completion.

11 English 98  We look forward to working with you to improve your writing for all your college courses.

12 English 98  So how do I get started?  If you are a returning student, please tell your instructor.  If you are a new student, for the rest of today and over the next few days, you will do the following:  Complete a Learning Skills Inventory.  Write a paragraph.  Meet with your instructor for a conference. During your conference, your instructor will review your program and answer any additional questions you may have.  Take a 12 minute vocabulary test.  At the end of the first week, you will begin your individualized program.

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