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English Language Arts 11 th grade English at ODY.

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1 English Language Arts 11 th grade English at ODY

2 About this Class This is a full year course at ODY. You will receive 1 high school credit for passing this course. You must also take and pass the English Regents in June. Major units in English 11: 1.Native American literature 2.Colonial literature 3.Poems 4.The following novels: - Gulliver’s Travels - The Great Gatsby - To Kill A Mockingbird

3 Easy ways to pass Do your homework on time! Do your classwork!

4 Grading This year your grade for English 11 will be based on a points system. Each assignment, test, quiz, etc. will be given a specific value. To determine your grade for that assignment, you will need to divide the grade you earned by its weighted value. For example, you take a test worth 50 points and earn a 43 on it. Your percentage grade for that assignment would be an 86 (43/50). To determine your grade for each marking period, add up all the points that you’ve earned and divide by the total weighed points in the marking period. For example, if there were 500 total points in a marking period and you earned 472 points, your grade for that marking period would be a 94 (472/500).

5 Types of Grades Tests Frequently you will be given an essay to write. It will count as a test grade. The essays will be graded just like they would be on the Regents exam (0-6). This score will be converted into a numeric grade based on a 50 point scale. Book Reviews Once per marking period, you will be required to write a novel guide for a book that you’ve read. To do this, you must fill out a form for its literary elements and write one- page review of that novel. Book reviews will be worth 120 points.

6 Types of Grading II Journals Every day, you will have a journal to write at the beginning of class. It is to be the first thing that you do in class silently by yourself. Journals must be written using COMPLETE sentences and must be done on the day that they are assigned. Journals will be checked once per week and be worth 3 points. If they are not completed when they are checked, you will NOT receive full credit. Nightly homework Some nightly homework will just be spot checked. Spot checked homework will be worth 3 points. Classwork Every day we will do work in class. In order to get credit for classwork, you most do it on your own unless you have been told to work in a group. Also, to get classwork credit, you must bring all materials to class everyday. Classwork may be worth up to 10 points

7 Test Corrections You have one week to correct any test. If you correct a test, I may raise your grade 1 point on the Regents scale. For example from a 2 to a 3. To correct a test, you must completely rewrite any essay and turn back in both the original essay and the rewritten essay If you get a 1 on an essay, it MUST be corrected within a week or I will contact your parents/guardians. It is recommended that you rewrite a 2 as well.

8 Daily Routine 1. Get to classes and be in your seat before the bell finishes ringing. 2. Write your journal silently by yourself. 3. Listen, take notes, raise hand for discussion, participate, etc. 4. Begin homework or read. You may only leave the room if you have the hall pass. You may not use the hall pass during the first or last five minutes of class. I must know that you have the hall pass. Wait until an appropriate time to use hall pass by asking me. You may only be gone for 5 minutes. Violating the rules for the hall pass will result in not being able to use the hall pass for a minimum of 1 week.

9 Homework Passes Homework passes HWPs can be used for the following: –Get out of one homework assignment per week –HWPs CANNOT be used in place of tests, essays, or journals!

10 Necessary materials You will need to bring the following materials to class each day: Pen or pencil Ring binder with paper Journal notebook Text Any homework assignment

11 Hutch’s Rules 1. Follow all the ODY school rules. 2. Be on time in your seat with all necessary materials. 5. Stay in the room in your assigned seat until the bell rings to end the period. 6. Leave prohibited items outside of class. 7. Raise your hand. 8. Talk only when you have been given permission. CONSEQUENCES: Breaking any of these rules could result in a working detention, reduction of grades, and other policies mention in the school Code of Conduct. Those who are late for class may lose ½ a point on their marking period average for every day that they are late without a pass from a teacher. Student property including hats left in room 305 will be thrown away.

12 Prohibited Items The following items are NOT allowed in room 112: 1.Hats 2.Anything used to listen to music (CD players, MP3 players, radios, etc.) & accessories (headphones) 3.Food or drink 4.Cell phones If these items are brought in, they will be confiscated and given to the Assistant Principal!

13 After school help I will be available after school if you need help the following times: 1.Every Wednesday (During soccer season, you need to check in advance) 2.Other days by appointment I need at least 24 hours notice if you need help after school. DON’T ask that day!

14 EXAMINATIONS -You must take and pass the English Regents in June in order to graduate from high school. -The English Regents will take place over two days and consist of the following: DAY 1DAY 2 -Listening passage - 2 fictional articles -2 non-fiction articles- Critical lens

15 I, __________________, have read the syllabus for _____________ with Mr. Hutchinson. I understand the requirements for the class and the consequences for actions that I might take. ___________________________ Signaturedate

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