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Basic English II Jay Melton. We will meet twice a week One class meeting in 小 7 The other class meeting in 情 2.

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1 Basic English II Jay Melton

2 We will meet twice a week One class meeting in 小 7 The other class meeting in 情 2

3 Names Students: –First names (Given names) Examples: –Hiroko –Hiroshi Teacher: –Last name (Family name) + Title Examples –Mr. Melton – メルトン先生

4 How to contact me Come to my office: New Science Building, 5th floor Call me: 383-2929, ext. 787 Fax me: 384-6765 Email me: Use the moodle system to ask a question:

5 Required book (get it at Maruzen now!) Basic Vocabulary in Use, by McCarthy & O’Dell; Cambridge (Note: please buy a NEW copy; you cannot study if you have the answers written in already!)

6 Other materials to get A notebook (A4 or B5 are good sizes) A storage device to keep your important files (USB flash memory drive, floppy, etc.) There may be other materials to bring.

7 Dictionaries It is useful for you to have an English dictionary with you during class. Bring the Longman Wordwise Dictionary you used in Mr. Lavin’s course. A bilingual dictionary is acceptable as well. Paper, electronic or online dictionaries are okay. –Online dictionaries will not be available during 小 7 classes.

8 Course objectives Improving English skills –Speaking, listening, reading, writing Increasing knowledge of other cultures You choose the pace. You will create your own material. –Use the models provided for you. –You will choose your own topics and vocabulary.

9 The Focus is on using English Four Main Ways: Speaking and Listening material Vocabulary and language practice The moodle system English presentations I like my job. borrow The traffic is heavy today. I go to work by 8:30. depart Have you got a minute? Can I help you?

10 Speaking and Listening Material Choose a topic you are interested in. Create your own tools for study. Work together and speak lots of English. Ask your teacher lots of questions.

11 Speaking and Listening, cont. Choose a topic. Find useful vocabulary. Create useful drawings. Create dialogs and questions. Put a new tool together. Work with your partner to talk together.

12 Speaking and Listening, cont. Use the pictures to help you get started. Work to learn new vocabulary. Be creative. Think of new ways to communicate. Have fun!

13 Speaking and Listening Test To check your progress, we will have a few tests. The point is to show what you have studied and learned during the semester.

14 Vocabulary is Important! We will use four units a week in this textbook (two in class and two for homework). If you miss a class, do the units yourself. Combine the vocabulary you learn with the material from the TALK system and create new and useful language.

15 Vocabulary It is important that you first learn basic vocabulary. Learning all the words in your vocabulary textbook will bring you to about 2,000+ words and phrases. This is more than 80% of the vocabulary you need for English! You will have a quiz from time to time to check your vocabulary level. –We will use moodle for the quizzes and final vocabulary exam.

16 Using computers to communicate There are many ways to communicate. Using the Internet is one way to do that. You will have many chances to write in English. You will have regular assignments.

17 moodle (a course management system) We will use moodle for homework and in-class activities: –Learning communities –Quizzes (to check vocabulary learning) –Other activities These will count for your quizzes, in- class assignments and homework grade.

18 Presentations After the learning community discussions, you will have much information to share with your classmates. The Presentations (in English, of course) will give you an opportunity to share what you learned with the rest of the class (and me :-) ).

19 Grading At the end of the semester, you will receive a grade based on the following criteria: –25% is attendance and participation (come to class and speak English) –50% is quizzes, in-class assignments and homework (study hard and do all your class and homework) –25% is exams (this may be a small percentage compared to some other courses you have; be careful!)

20 Finally, … We’re here to learn English; please speak, listen to, write, and read lots of English while you’re at PUK Ask lots of questions! Have fun! If you want to continue reading, come and talk with me.

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