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Welcome to Kindergarten Parent Night. ● Agenda ● Email ●Remind 101 ● Conference ● Website Tools to Communication.

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten Parent Night

2 ● Agenda ● Email ●Remind 101 ● Conference ● Website Tools to Communication

3 ●Standards based grading (Not A,B,C,D) ●Summative (final) assessments ●Sent home weekly ●Parent signature ●We will go over the portfolios in more detail around the 4 th week of school. Portfolios

4 ● (School & Teacher information) ● nup nup ●Password for Thursday, August 27th: teaching Websites

5 ●IXL (Math website) Username:(childfirstnamelastname818) Password: mckeel Websites

6 Websites

7 Websites

8 ●RAZ-KIDS (Reading website) Username:Password: mckeel ●Bbullock1 ●Kcastles ●Jchisholmh ●Bhall38 ●Abcmouse- flyer in your packet. Websites

9 ● On Monday’s we will send home a folder with graded work and homework if assigned ● Correct any mistakes on graded work with your child ● Please turn in your folders every Friday Monday Folders

10 ● Kept in the Monday Folder ● Books are recorded as you read to your child or they read to you. Please write the title of the book, date & signature. ● Reading logs are checked by the teacher every Friday when the folders are turned in. Reading Logs

11 ● Students will have homework each week if needed. ● Reading – Raz Kids, High Frequency Words ● Spelling & Phonics ● Writing – Practice skill of the week ● Math – Home workbook, IXL Homework

12 ● 1. Follow Instructions ● 2. Get along with others ● 3. Do assigned work ● 4. Be prepared ● 5. Be on time ● 6. Be in appropriate dress code *magnetic belts, practice tucking in shirts, learn how to tie your shoes, navy jackets Employability Skills (p.5 in Agenda)

13 ● Students have three pennies/nickels daily. They will be rewarded daily for good behavior. ● If a student makes a bad choice then they lose a penny and note will be written in the agenda. ● If a student has not lost more than five pennies total for the week they may participate in Fun Friday activities in the classroom. ● We use positive reinforcement for our school and classroom rules! Behavior

14 ● A snack calendar will be posted on our teacher website monthly and the student will have an assigned day to bring in snack & drinks for 18 students. If this is a hardship for you please let us know. ● Birthday Snack (p.3 in agenda) ● Birthday Invitations ● Please send in healthy snacks. ● We send home a “snack bag” for you to send in the snack on your assigned day. ● Water bottles in class are permitted. Snacks

15 ● Our teacher websites will have our field trip information. We collect funds for each semester. ● Downtown ● Field trip forms are on our websites for you to print, sign and return to your child’s teacher if you are a chaperone. ● Chaperones must be an approved volunteer! Field Trips

16 Starting August 31st you may have lunch with your child in the cafeteria. We ask that you only have your child sit with you. Please do not bring any outside food for your child. Please have ID. Lunch times for Kindergarten: Bullock: 12:05 - 12:30 Castles: 12:08 - 12:33 Chisholm: 12:11 - 12:36 Hall: 12:14 - 12:39 Lunch

17 ● Please complete the colored Student Information Sheet about your child. This will provide information so that we can better understand your child. ● Please return this sheet in your child’s agenda tomorrow. ● THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING TONIGHT! Homework for Parents

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