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Juvenile Justice.

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1 Juvenile Justice

2 What groups are part of the Juvenile Justice System?
People under the age of 17 People under the age of 18 who are considered neglected or abused by their parents or have no parents or guardians.

3 What is the purpose in having separate juvenile courts?
To protect the well-being of children Provide guidance in control in the interests of the child and the state Secure care for a child removed from their home

4 Two Types of Juvenile Offenses
UNRULY BEHAVIORS DELINQUENT BEHAVIORS Also called status offenses Behaviors juveniles would get into trouble for but adults would not Examples: Curfew violation Truancy Underage drinking/smoking Behaviors that are crimes for both juveniles and adults

5 “Tried as an Adult” There are crimes that will get a youth automatically transferred to adult Superior Court. These include: Murder Rape Armed robbery Aggravated child molestation Voluntary manslaughter

6 Steps in the Juvenile Justice Process
Taking into Custody – Juvenile is apprehended Parents are notified Courts decides whether to release the child to parents or place in a detention center

7 Intake Decision – Court officers investigate
charges and the juvenile’s family situation No further action – case is dropped Informal adjustment – steps to change the juvenile’s behavior File petition for a formal hearing – legal action will be taken against the juvenile

8 Formal Hearing Juvenile and parents are issued a formal summons to appear in court Juvenile court judge conducts the hearing (not open to the public) Hearing has 2 parts: adjudication and disposition

9 4. Sentencing Several Possibilities
Release to custody of parents with court supervision Probation YDC up to 90 days Commit to Department of Juvenile Justice Boot Camp Fines, suspension of driver’s license, community service, counselling

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