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Juvenile Justice System

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1 Juvenile Justice System

2 Unruly Behavior Status Offense- because behavior would not be considered an offense is committed by an adult Examples: frequently refuses to go to school; frequently disobeys parents or caregivers; runs away from home; roams streets between midnight and 5 a.m.; caught with alcoholic drinks in hand

3 Delinquent Behavior Criminal Behavior
A child under 13 cannot be tried for a crime in Georgia Children between are punished according to the law

4 Rights of Juveniles Accused of Delinquent Behavior
Right to a lawyer-judges are to warn parents that there are dangers to not have an attorney Right to cross-examine witnesses Right to provide evidence to support one’s case

5 Rights of Juveniles Accused of Delinquent Behavior
Right to remain silent Right to appeal Right to a transcript of the trial

6 Juvenile Process Arrest/detainment
Probable cause hearing: must take place within two days of arrest Judge determines if child should be detained or released If released, petition outlining charges against child is filed within 30 days( petition is filed by Juvenile Probation Parole Specialist)

7 Juvenile Process If detained, petition is filed within 3 days
If unruly or deprived, petition is filed within 5 days Adjudicatory Hearing: takes place within 10 days for detained children and within 60 days for released children Judge decides if charges are true or not

8 Juvenile Process Dispositional Hearing: sentencing; if charges are found to be true Judge decides course of treatment, supervision, rehabilitation that child should undergo

9 Delinquent Behaviors Outside of Juvenile Court Jurisdiction
There are 7 delinquent behaviors for which a juvenile between ages of 13 and 17 will be tried as an adult Murder Voluntary manslaughter Armed robbery with a firearm 4-7 serious violent sexual offenses

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