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Structure and Function of Plants Review and Foldable.

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1 Structure and Function of Plants Review and Foldable

2 Fold your sheet in half along the crease line.

3    Cut flaps on folds by cutting the first layer only.

4 Open your foldable and label it like this. StructuresFunctions

5 Fill in your foldable with the notes provided. Structure will go on one side and function will go on the other. Adaptations to the environment will go on the back.

6 PLANTSStructureAndFunction Obj: 10 B

7 Flowers


9 StructureAntherPollenstamen Stigma & Style OvaryFunction -produces pollen -haploid male gametes (sex cells) -contains pollen -Sticky top of style where pollen lands. The Style transports it to the ovary. -Female organ which produces female gametes

10 Adaptation to Environment Adaptation to Environment 1. Bright colors and sweet nectar to attract pollinators. 2. Development of Fruit for seed dispersal.

11 Flower

12 Leaves


14 Structure Upper Epidermis Palisade Layer Spongy Layer Lower Epidermis Function -contains cuticle prevents water loss -Light reactions of photosynthesis. -Calvin cycle (stores CO2) -Lets CO2 in and O2 and water out (stomata)

15 Adaptation to Environment 1.Thick cuticle in dry climates. 2.Few stomata to prevent water loss. 3.Reduced surface area to prevent water loss. (Cactus)



18 Leaves Lower epidermis upper

19 Stems


21 StructureXylemPhloemFunction -vascular tissue (tubes) that carry water from the roots to the leaves for photosynthesis and to other parts of the plant. -Vascular tissue (tubes) that carry sugar from the leaves to other parts of the plant.

22 Adaptation to the Environment 1.Stiff cell walls for trunks and branches. Dead Xylem becomes the wood on the inside of tree trunks. 2. Can be modified to store food. Ex. Tubers (potatoes) and Bulbs

23 Stem

24 Roots



27 Structure Epidermis and root cap Root hairs Root tips (apical meristem) Function -protection and absorption of water and minerals. -increase surface area for absorption - tip of root that is growing into the soil (area of mitosis).

28 Adaptation to the Environment 1.Can be modified to store starch and sugar. (Carrots, Beets, Turnips) 2. In dry climates root systems can be extremely long to reach water.

29 Roots

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