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Political Spectrum and Ideologies You need to copy the Learning Target and all the notes.

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1 Political Spectrum and Ideologies You need to copy the Learning Target and all the notes


3 LT ---I will be able to identify and explain some key characteristics on the Political Spectrum DO Now-- What factors cause people to support one political party over another? Write it down

4 Fiscal/Economic Issues Criminal Law Morality Liberties and Rights Abortion Gay Marriage Taxation Business Regulation Price Controls Government Spending Wealth Distribution (Welfare) Moral/Social Issues

5 POLITICAL SPECTRUM LeftRight Radical Liberal Moderate Conservative Reactionary

6 On the far right of the spectrum, reactionaries want to go back to the way things were in the "good ol' days." Often reactionaries are willing to use extreme methods, such as repressive use of government power.

7 Conservative: Government control of the economy should be minimal. Equal opportunity and legal business practice should be guaranteed though. (Fiscal/Economic) Strong moral definitions should be held. Strict criminal law and sentencing are necessary. Freedom and rights cannot be compromised. A strong emphasis is placed on the individual (Moral/Social)

8 Moderate: Moderates tend to stand with different groups on an issue to issue basis. Some Moderates have strong leanings in regards to certain ideologies Example: A Moderate can be a moral conservative and an economic liberal.

9 Liberal: Strong government involvement and regulation of the economy. Redistribution of wealth and strict regulation of business by the government. (Fiscal/Economic) As long as actions do not harm others, they should be legal. Loose Constitutional interpretation. The society is emphasized. (Moral/Social)

10 Radical Seen as being on the far left of the political spectrum Radicals call for wide-sweeping rapid change in the basic structure of the political, social, or economic system. They may be willing to resort to extreme methods, including the use of violence and revolution.

11 Conservative Viewpoints Personal Responsibility: People have a responsibility to follow the rules/laws/norms set by society. Stern punishments should be given to those who break the rules/laws/norms.

12 Conservative Viewpoints Traditional Values: People should strive to live by traditional moral codes. Religion should play a larger part of peoples’ lives and the government should reflect religious values.

13 Conservative Viewpoints Laissez Faire and Decentralized Government: The federal government should not regulate of business practices, but should let free market forces keep order economy. The federal government should be as small as possible, and most power should be vested in the state and local government.

14 Conservative Viewpoints Cut taxes (especially taxes that mostly effect businesses and individuals with higher incomes) Build more prisons and provide harsher penalties for convicted criminals

15 Conservative Viewpoints Make it more difficult or illegal for women to have abortions Prevent states from recognizing gay marriages Permit prayer in schools and vouchers in school.

16 Liberal Viewpoints Group Responsibility: The government has a responsibility to help those who are disadvantaged or down on their luck. The government should work to equalize opportunities for everyone and also provide support for those who are unable to support themselves.

17 Liberal Viewpoints Personal Freedom: The personal freedoms of people must be protected. When rules/laws/norms infringe upon individual freedoms, they must be changed. Example: Some liberals support legalizing marijuana, but want to ban smoking from private and public places

18 Liberal Viewpoints Non-Traditional Values: Many traditional values represent old- fashioned ideas that are unfair to women and minorities. These traditional values tend to concentrate on power held by wealthy, white men.

19 Liberal Viewpoints Activist government: The government has a responsibility to regulate business to protect workers, the environment, and the public from abuse of big business. Use of Property for Public Good: The government has the right to tell people how to use their personal property in order to maximize the public good.

20 Liberal Viewpoints Protect women's ability to have abortions and provide federal funding for women seeking abortions who cannot afford them Extend federal civil rights protections to gays Raise taxes to pay for support programs, redistribute the tax burden to upper class and business tax payers Reinforce separation of church and state.

21 Where’s the Party? There are political parties for every position on the political spectrum Many minor parties focus on only one issue. They tend to take votes away from the major parties. The three types of minor parties are: –Ideological Parties –Single-Issue Parties –Splinter Parties

22 Libertarian: Ideological Party Government control of the economy should be minimal. (Fiscal/Economic) As long as actions do not harm others, they should be legal. Freedom and rights cannot be compromised (Moral/Social)

23 Communist: Ideological Party Complete government involvement and regulation of the economy. The government owns, runs, and controls all business. All is done for the good of "society." Traditional Marxist ideas include dissolving the family unit. Actions are done in the "interest of the people" by the government.

24 Single-Issue Parties Single Issue Parties focus on one issue in public policy Abortion, Gay Marriage, Gun Rights, Environment, etc.

25 Splinter Parties Splinter Parties break off from the major parties, usually when a popular candidate does not win a nomination

26 WHICH PARTY ARE YOU? In many paragraphs (four or even five [hahaha]), explain if you think you are a Republican, a Democrat or something else. Define liberal, moderate and conservative Choose which political philosophy you most agree with and why. Tell me at 3 areas you agree or disagree with the opposition. You might want to Tell me what you think the party stands for. If you don’t think you are part of either party explain which one you agree with most. You may use your work from other day.

27 In an organized essay with an introduction and conclusion complete the following tasks –Define liberal, moderate and conservative –Using two or three examples explain where you fit on the political spectrum –Based on what you know about your teacher where do you think he is on the political spectrum- explain your thinking

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