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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION How You can generate qualified Leads from Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization.

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1 SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION How You can generate qualified Leads from Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization


3 Internet Dominators We have been Optimizing search engines for over 15 years. We will get your Website Ranked at the TOP of the Major Search Engines; Google, Bing & Yahoo. We specialize in the art of… Organic(Natural) SEO

4 WHAT IS NATURAL SEO Natural search engine optimization works by enhancing your website’s position or ‘ranking’ in the naturally occurring search engine results area of the major search engines. These rankings are the results of ‘natural’ growth and the popularity of your site rather than from Paid Advertising

5 WHAT ARE WE OFFERING? With everyone and their mother trying to sell Search Engine Optimization We felt it was time to provide a true service that works!


7 We know that most companies today are using old techniques and outdated strategies WE ALSO KNOW WHAT DOESN’T WORK


9 HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS We don’t have much competition The competition we do have …doesn’t know what we know about the right way to find your Ideal Customers You can now receive our services at an affordable price!

10 Think about it… …Would you rather have your car repaired by someone that just came out of School. Or would you rather have a seasoned mechanic with a decade of experience fixing cars just like your?

11 SO WHY ARE YOU HERE? Because someone thought you might want to make more $$ by bringing the right customers to your website and your business

12 OUR SEARCH ENGINE SOLUTION IS DIFFERENT: We analyze your current site and make recommendations that will help your conversions We interview you to understand your business offering and focus in on your Ideal Customer Provide you with the most advanced Keyword research in the industry No contracts to sign and no long term obligations Some of the lowest prices in the market as low as $300.00 a month for Local SEO

13 YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER IS LOOKING FOR YOU NOW We want your phone to ring…but if your phone is ringing 300 times a day from a low cost ad that could be a Nightmare. Why? Because your Ideal Customer is looking for you…will they find you? When they find you will you be able to help them.

14 4 STEPS TO GET STARTED 1.Set up a no-cost interview/analysis 2.Identify your Ideal customers search habits (Keyword Research) 3.Optimize your Website and Social Media 4.Convert your qualified Leads into satisfied $$ Customers

15 MONTHLY REPORTING Ongoing Reporting of Keyword Effectiveness: These reports will be available for you to review every month for possible program modifications

16 TODAY WE NEED TO CHOOSE WISELY Locally, we search Google 3,387 times for every time we open a Yellow Pages once Now you can be found in the search engines for your key terms for pennies on the dollar compared to old school advertising, that didn’t work in the first place

17 PARTNER WITH … So now is the perfect time to PARTNER WITH …

18 HEAR WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT US: Internet Dominators approached me last year with an "irresistible offer". John said, "If I can get you a top 10 listing in Google before your presentation this Saturday, will you allow me to share the stage with you and show your audience how I did it?" I was skeptical. But I agreed... and 6 days later I had 9 of the top 10 listings on Google for an important key phrase! Today, more than a year later, I'm still dominating that phrase even though there are over 267,000 competing sites. John is the most brilliant SEO person I've ever met, and I know a lot of heavy- hitters in the marketing world. "I'm excited to have him on my team. You do NOT want John working for one of your competitors!" Eric Lofholm

19 TESTIMONINALS What I can tell you is this -- big corporations worldwide use their systems and knowledge to generate huge volumes of traffic. Their clients say ID has generated over 100 MILLION dollars in sales from search engine traffic. Michael Koenigs, Co-Founder Video Distribution, Syndication and Lead Generation System

20 TESTIMONIALS John created an outstanding SEO training course for my community called 30 minute SEO. It was meant to be a 30 minute a day roadmap to get your site ranked at the top. After reviewing it and seeing the results he was getting while doing the actual training live I knew that he was more than just any ordinary SEO guy and we started referring to him as “The Rank Mogul”. We even repackaged his course and wound up calling it “Rank Mogul” I can’t recommend him highly enough. We all wish we had his talent!

21 More information can be found at:

22 Contact our Sales Team Today! 972-855-8417

23 Get Started With Us today!

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