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Micro-Site and Business Directory Customer Sales Call Presentation Explaining and Selling PLATINUM & GOLD Micro-site Business Directory Listings to the.

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1 Micro-Site and Business Directory Customer Sales Call Presentation Explaining and Selling PLATINUM & GOLD Micro-site Business Directory Listings to the end user

2 Elevator Sales Pitch  We have developed a SEO Network that consistently helps our customers appear in the top 5 search results on Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines for the keywords most important to them

3 Elevator Sales Pitch  We do this by building you a customizable micro-website or landing page that many businesses use as a stand- alone website, or as an effective funnel to drive additional traffic to their existing website

4 Elevator Sales Pitch  As an added value we give you priority placement in our online business directory that we promote via our own promotional voice in the community

5 Pre-Call Checklist Does the business have Internet access? If not make arrangements (this is a visual sale) Does the business have a website? If not why? Does the business come up on 1 st page of Web Search for primary product or service? If so, think of additional products/services they aren’t optimized for How do their competitors rank in comparison? Prepare with examples from this market (or similar market if new launch) to demo to customer Copies of Sales Collateral and Sales Contract

6 Demonstration Prep  Open 4 Internet browser windows or tabs  Google Search –  This will be used to search local business’ product/service  Example of local PLATINUM Micro-Site powered by Matchbin  Local Business Directory Home Page  Main Website of media company partner

7 Google  Google Search  Search keywords of business’ product/service offerings  Identify how they are doing  Note where they are weak  Don’t be afraid to point out where they are strong  Are there any other search terms important to their business?  Explore

8 Micro-Site Example  Search a keyword on Google that will pull up good results to a Matchbin-powered site  Ideally PLATINUM  Tell the story, they weren’t coming up, they decided to participate in program, now they are popping up on first page  Walk through a demo of the micro-site features  Tabs, Links, Sharing, Maps, Media, Blog, Coupons, Custom  As easy to manage as Facebook!  SEO SEO Examples 

9 Focus the sale on “SEO”  Vast majority of Internet users search on Google  Businesses must be visible where the buyers are looking  60 % of search on Google is for Local  If a customer already has a website?  New micro-site will increase their existing sites’ SEO  PLATINUM/GOLD micro-site will funnel traffic to their site  New micro-site can be optimized for different keywords  If customer has no website?  PLATINUM is strongly recommended; GOLD is a landing page funnel  They will get an optimized, professional website that potential customers can find  Target high profit or undersold products/services  30-60 days to see a dramatic increase in “SEO”

10 Business Directory  Build on value of local media website  The traffic it receives  Promotion of business directory via that voice  Explain Business Directory  Search  Product or Service keyword  Business Name  Listings  PLATINUM & GOLD Priority Placement  Paid listings rotate in the categories so all get equal facetime

11 Top 10 Reasons Why PLATINUM 1. Unlimited Video & Slideshow Content 2. Blog to better engage site visitors and increase SEO rankings 3. Social Media Sharing Opportunities & Email Lead Capture 4. Professional Look & Feel of a traditional website 5. Custom Page becomes “blank slate” for any type of content 6. More effective funnel because Links are higher up on page 7. Map with Door to Door Driving Directions 8. Coupon & Specials Page with social sharing options 9. Additional Content increases SEO 10. Multiple Pages increase SEO Credibility

12 Benefits Summary 1 - 2 - 3 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2. New Micro-Website 3. Local Business Directory – Added Value

13 Pricing  PLATINUM = $  GOLD = $  Setup fee of $__ waived with one year agreement  __ Month(s) free if annual amount is paid upfront  Other Incentives…

14 Closing the Sale  Ask customer what they think of the product  Answer any questions they have  Summarize benefits based on customer needs  Ask for their business

15 Reasons to Buy Today  Best URLs are getting bought up fast  Real Estate example: Location, Location, Location  Sooner they are on the first page, the sooner they will get new customers.  Get a jump on the competition

16 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES The following slides include additional information that may be useful to answer customer questions.

17 Search Engine Optimization  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" or un-paid (meaning "organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

18 Organic vs. Paid Results

19 Golden Triangle

20 What does SEO cost?  Small Companies can spend thousands of dollars each year to understand and manipulate the search results in order to be in the top of the “organic” rankings.

21 Five Key Factors of SEO 1. Key Words 2. Credible Inbound Links 3. Domain Name 4. Traffic 5. Content

22 1 - Key Words 1. Title Tags 1. Mouse Over Tab or on the top line of browser 2. Description Tags (invisible on website, shown in search results) 3. Keyword Tags (invisible, only part of code)

23 2 - CREDIBLE INBOUND LINKS A large portion of how Search Engines such as Google Rank a website is in it’s inbound links Inbound Links are links back to your advertiser’s site coming from other credible websites in the world wide web. The biggest benefits your advertiser receives by being a part of the business directory are inbound links from credible Newspaper, Radio, & TV websites within the Matchbin Network. There are currently ____ Matchbin business directories.

24 3 - DOMAIN NAMES That Work for SEO  Effective Domain Names     Ineffective Domain Names   

25 4 - TRAFFIC  The more traffic you have to your website, the higher it ranks  1,000 page views or 1,000,000 page views  Which would you guess is more credible?  This goes for GOLD and PLATINUM listings as well, not just major websites!

26 5 - CONTENT  The text content of your advertiser’s site must properly reflect their keywords.  The text content must be sufficient to show Search Engines that the site is credible  There must be enough dynamic content such as pictures and videos to show variety. This proves credibility.  Fresh and consistent content greatly improves SEO

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