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Be First… Be Innovative… The Next Step to Differentiation.

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2 Be First… Be Innovative… The Next Step to Differentiation

3 The Next Step to Differentiation You can never be exceptional by doing the same thing everyone else is doing Zillow recently announced that over 50% of their 32 million monthly searches originated from mobile devices such as Smart phones or tablets (Ipads).

4 How Technology Changed Real Estate The biggest change technology has caused in the real estate business is the flow of property information. Pre-internet the broker controlled the information and the customer contacted the broker to get information on properties for sale. Brokers tried to release just enough information to get the prospect to call. Today the broker who provides the most and best information in the shortest amount of time usually wins the deal. The Internet is about getting information.

5 Current Scenario Sunday afternoon at 2:47 p.m. a buyer called on a yard sign that was on a tract of land in an out-of-the-way part of the county. The listing agent was showing other property that afternoon and not wanting to be rude, they didn’t answer the phone. She could have had all the information- maps, etc. and looked at the property while she was in the area, by the time the call was returned by the agent the next morning she was back in the city over an hour away. What are the chances she will get back to that property? Could FYI have saved this transaction?

6 FYICode Scenario Sunday afternoon at 2:47 p.m. a buyer called on a yard sign that was on a tract of land in an out-of-the-way part of the county. The buyer was offered by the FYICode answering system to be transferred directly to the agent or have a text message sent to them with a link to a mobile website with pictures, videos and all the information the buyer would need to make a choice to view the property or not.

7 How FYI Code can get the information to your BUYERS NOW! Call 877-394-2633 Say number and then say or enter this code 645894 Listen to the 60 Second message. Say or enter number “2” to get a text message with the mobile link

8 Example Text Message

9 FYICode Best Practices Save 877-394-2633 as a contact in your phone, give it a special ring so you know when someone is calling from FYI Code

10 FYICode Best Practices FYICode Best Practices Make sure to include the following in your FYICode description. Price Bedrooms Bathrooms Area Schools Acreage Age of the home Other important details (Septic, owner financing, etc.) This list is from a national survey of what buyer want to know.

11 FYICode Best Practices Ability to quickly share the FYI Link Text link to a group of people from your smart phone. Link to maps, floor plans, etc. Embed the Audio Portion in Realtime, Peak Performance Virtual Postcards so buyers can listen online. (Advanced, but can be done) Allows a prospect to forward the site and all of the information instantly to their spouse, partner, banker or Realtor

12 FYICode Uses For Sale sign Office Sign Agent branding Auctions Differentiation on Premier listings Differentiation in Print Advertising and a tool to see if your ads are working

13 Traffic Reports

14 Get Your Free FYI Code Today! 570 of you will receive a FREE CODE- this is a $39 value! Each code is good for one year or up to 200 text messages and phone calls. You can use the code for one property until it sells and move it to another property OR you may want to use it on one property for a month and move it to another An additional 200 text messages or calls can be purchased for $10

15 FYICode and your Business Getting your free FYIcode number. Email Go to to set up your Live demo of setting up an FYICode Account

16 Get Your Free FYI Code Today!

17 1)Go to 2)Register for a FYICODE account under “Sign up” – Fill out all the fields 3)Sign into FYICODE with your newly created username and password 4)Click Admin 5)Click Reserve FYICODE 6)Enter the FYICODE from the email you received from United Country’s Home office 7)Click Activate Code 8)Now you can enter a listing with your free code.

18 A quick look around your dashboard: Admin is where you will enter your Credit card information, change your password, and monitor your data plan Get signs takes you to our Commerce partners who can fulfill any of your signage or printing needs. We have templates that most printers will find of use FYIcode customers get a discount from FedEx when purchasing services through our website. Create is where you begin a new FYIcode mobile website (or listing) You can buy as many FYIcode’s as you need under one account. This is the title of your account. It is the first thing a Caller will hear unless you choose a custom Sound. This is your actual FYIcode address. It could be six, eight or 10 digits. This is how many people Have viewed Your site. This is how many calls your site has received. The service Is paid annually This is where your Edit buttons will be. For automobile sales and real estate sales there is a pre-scripted “fill in the blank” option. These are not supported under the Custom sound mode.

19 FYI Code Provided Information PowerPoint presentation with instructions on how to use the sound and imbed the YouTube video United Country pre-written press release to announce this service in your market All available on the UC Intranet under “Sales and Marketing”

20 Questions?

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