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Don't You Agree Now Is The Time To Get Your Home SOLD While Things Are In Your Favor?

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1 Don't You Agree Now Is The Time To Get Your Home SOLD While Things Are In Your Favor?

2 Are (Your Town) homes really selling? Nothing but the truth, the whole truth:. Total Homes on the Market:______ Total # of Sales in 2011: ______ # of Home Sales in past 90 Days: ____ # of Homes Pending in last 30 Days: ____ List Price VS. Sales Price in 2011: ____ Average Days on Market in 2011: ____

3 What do you need to do to get your home SOLD? Is your goal to get your home sold, and the sooner the better ? I thought to myself… “What strategies work to get homes sold faster?”

4 What Really Sells Homes? What do I really have to do? What’s working? Where are the buyers?

5 Buyers are ONLINE!! 1)Buyers Search ONLINE 2)Fastest growing area 3)Google is used in 65% of online Searches 4)89% of Buyers Search online before buying a home!

6 What is everybody else doing? All the homes on the market? With nothing to make your home special-- Just another home on the market? Do you want to compete with:

7 It’s NOT The Tools That Make The Difference If you had Tiger Woods’ golf clubs, could you play as well as he does? If you had the same basketball that Michael Jordan used in the NBA, could you shoot baskets like he did? If you used the same baseball bat as Babe Ruth, could you hit the ball out of the park like he did?

8 Just As Major Ball Players Have Tools They Use, So Do Realtors Any Realtor You Hire Can… List Your Home On The Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Advertise your home on Put a sign in the front yard…

9 It’s NOT The Tools That Will Sell YOUR Home… It’s How The Tools Are USED That Will Sell It! Real Results From The Home Selling System I Use To Get Homes SOLD…

10 Attracting Buyers For Your Home How I’ll Advertise Your Home To Attract Buyers, And Agents With Buyers

11 Do you want your home to STAND OUT? Professional Pictures Virtual Tour Custom Ad Copy promoting your home Skill in marketing your home’s points of difference How can your home really stand out?

12 It’s all about the buyers! 1.Advertise your home on many sites 2.Lots of buyers will want to preview the home 3.Showings = SOLD Attract Piles of Buyers Multiple Offers Sold in only a few days!

13 Your Home is on the Web … 89% of buyers go online when looking for a home! Your home is described in detail, with many photos! Details about the home, directions, & much more, designed to attract buyers!

14 My Buyer’s List Market Your Home To Other Realtors To Bring Their Buyers! 877 Info Line Advertise Your Home On Top Real Estate Sites Call Residents Around Your Home To Bring Family & Friends Advertising Sends Traffic to the Website

15 Ads For Your Listing Will Be Posted On Top Real Estate Pages… On many different websites Major Real Estate firms’ Websites & on, the #1 Real Estate Website

16 Advertise On is the #1 Searched Website For Home Buyers… Over 5 Million Visitors Per Month… Photos of Your Listing… Neighborhood and School Information… Comments To Position Your Home As A “Deal” to Buyers… And lots more… g

17 Showcase Listing Triple The Amount of Traffic As The Normal Listing gets… Up to 25 MORE Photos… Virtual And Video Tours… Custom Headline and Description… Traffic Reports For Your Listing…

18 Multiple Listing Service List Your Home On The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Post Special Comments That Will Pull Your Listing When Other Realtors Are Searching For Deals On The MLS. Examples of Comments: “This Is Not Foreclosure, Short Sale, Bank Owned Home, REO, HUD Sale, Auction, Etc.”

19 24-Hour Recorded Hotline … Your Own Pre-Recorded 800 Info. line With Details About Your Home… It Normally Gets 3 Times The Number Of Calls As A Sales Office Gets…

20 Advertise On 9 th Most Visited Site In USA… Compelling Ads Posted On Regularly… Captures All Interested Buyers So I Can Follow Up With Them…

21 I Notify The Buyers and Realtors In Your Area … The Buyers who are looking for a home in your area… The Realtors Who Work With Buyers In Your Area… I’ll Promote Your Home To…

22 My Proactive Approach To Make This Work I’ll Give You Feedback When Your Home Is Shown… Contact You Weekly With Results Send You Information On Homes Similar To Yours That Are… ―Listed… ―Go Under Contract… ―Or Sell…

23 Automated Home Feedback System For Buyer Feedback… You will be notified of new feedback on your property You can login to view the feedback for yourself. View comments posted by agent to see all activities performed on the property.

24 Here’s How I’ll Negotiate With Buyers On Your Behalf… I “literally” get as much out of the buyers as we possibly can! I’ll Do Everything I Can To Get YOU The Most Money Possible… I’ll Do everything I can to get Multiple Buyers Into A Bidding War… Work Buyer Offers Up As High As I Feel Possible Without Scaring Them Off… I’ll Look Out For YOU And YOUR Best Interest When Negotiating With Buyers…

25 Home Valued At $250,000 4 months’ Depreciation - $10,000 = $240,000 Sells At 95% of Value x.95% = $228,000 NET to Seller = $228,000 What if an agent could Affect…? FYI: About 94% Of Home Sellers Are Selling With Realtors.

26 Let’s have a real conversation about: Should we work together? I’m Not trying to LIST your home-- I want to SELL your home! Do you believe I can bring a sizable number of buyers to your home? I might have the perfect buyer now, or I can likely bring in the perfect buyer with proper advertising.

27 It Only Works if we are a TEAM We have to trust each other I am NOT pushing you to drop your price just to get a quick sale I work for YOU… Nobody else We have to have the same goals: A.A Fair Price B. A Real Buyer C. A Quicker Sale Why being a team is SO important:

28 I really should be charging $20,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 for this system, however… Regularly 8% commission Now Your Low Investment Is… Only 3% Listing Commission I am going ask you to make a decision TODAY, because I know this only works for serious home sellers…

29 Best Contact Methods? What e-mail address would you like me to send updates to? What’s the best phone number to call you with updates?

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