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The Crusades of Medieval Europe ess/act/wqkingarthur/Crusaders.JPG.

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1 The Crusades of Medieval Europe ess/act/wqkingarthur/Crusaders.JPG

2 The Journey to the Holy Land and Jerusalem To provide security for religious European Pilgrims To get land, wealth, treasure, trade routes, and adventure

3 crusades/image/UrbanIIatC... First Crusade Pope Urban II called for Christians in Europe to reclaim the Holy land Done in response to attack on Byzantine Empire Fought against Seljuk Turks “Crusade” comes from the word “Cruz” = Cross. “Crusader” = take up your cross

4 Few knights knew what to expect. Dressed in full armor Abandoned heavy outfits before reaching the Holy Land Peasants and poor on foot with no weapons and little money many died along the way others captured and sold into slavery

5 1099 Christians Take Jersusalem Crusaders won major battles at Nicaea, Antioch, and Acre Laid siege to Jerusalem and captured it. Muslims in Holy Land not united

6 1099 The Capture of Jerusalem What castle defenses and what siege weapons do you see in this picture? Many Muslims and Jews who lived in Jerusalem were killed.

7 Second cruade Muslims regroup and win back lost territory Still not united completely Muslim leaders unite under Saladin Retake more crusader cities Saladin victorious and wins back Jerusalem and defeats crusaders

8 g /1200AD/f17.jpeg Richard the Lion Heart and the Third Crusade (1189-1192) Started out with England, Germany, and France as allies Only England was left when they reached the Holy Land Battles with Saladin over Jerusalem Fighting results in a truce Jerusalem remained under Muslim rule European Christians able to visit Jerusalem safely How can you tell Richard is a Christian?

9 Other crusades exist: Peasants and Children ’ s Crusades “ Fourth Crusade ” Europeans on crusade to get treasure Only reached Constantinople, a Christian city Crusaders sacked (attack and steal from) the city Constantinople was on the same side as they were, Christians Crusaders never reached the Holy Land Crusades ended afterwards when Muslims regained control of all of their former lands and Christians lost faith in the Church

10 Reconquista Christians wanted to take back Spain and Portugal from Muslims Won land back slowly Many Jews and Muslims remained Isabella and Ferdinand wanted to unite Spain as Catholic country Used Spanish Inquisition to expel Muslims and Jews

11 www.navigato m/ frankishcrusa ders... vs/pilgrims/images/foot.jpg relics/relic- thomasfinger.jpg board/showthread.php?t=3006 Effects of the crusades Weakened the power of church and feudal lords Increased trade between Europe and SW Asia Cultural Exchange

12 nd/ kits/soap.html www.goodnessdir ml eindex.htm www.worldcollectors iss17p2.html Results of Cultural Exchange: Crusaders brought back goods and products from Asia: Silk, spices, pearls, cotton, pepper, food Some Arabic words commonly used in English are cotton, lemon, sugar Military Technology develops European world views grew and they see other ways to do things: wanted to explore Other less positive effects: Christians hostile to Jews even more Many Jews killed on Crusade routes But Muslims lived in relative peace with Jews

13 20C9.jpg Review Crusaders set out to win back Holy land with a Holy war They succeeded with the First Crusade The rest did not turn out well and they lost Jerusalem Muslims taught Europeans new ideas Holy Land ends up in Muslim rule, but Christians and Jews allowed to visit and live there. Question: Do you think that tensions today between Christians and Muslims could have begun during the Crusades?

14 oduct_images/m_9776.jpg The End For more information on the Crusades, use this website link:

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