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The Crusades 18.2 Chapter 18 Section 2.

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1 The Crusades 18.2 Chapter 18 Section 2

2 A series of wars between Christians and Muslims
Fought for control of Palestine [Holy Land] Holy Land: land where Jesus lived, preached, and died

3 Causes of Crusades Christians no longer safe making pilgrimages
Turks attacked Byzantine Empire Byzantines asked for help from the pope

4 Call to Arms Pope Urban II rallies Christians together
Saved their souls Gain treasure Adventure Crusades is Latin for “marked with a cross”

5 First Crusade 1096- 5,000 soldiers left for the Holy Land
More peasants than soldiers Stopped in Germany to attack the Jews Most died before reaching Holy Land 1099- Christians took the Holy Land Muslims were surprised and unorganized Christians set up the feudal system

6 Other Crusades Within 50 years Muslims started taking Christian land back Third Crusade King Richard I vs. Saladin Lionheart won protection for the pilgrims Lionheart never won Jerusalem

7 Fourth Crusade 1201- French left from Venice to sail to the Holy Land
Conquered Zara Christians attacked Constantinople



10 End of Crusades Other crusades followed- none successful
1291 Muslim armies took back ALL of the Holy Land

11 Crusades Failed Traveled long distances Weren’t prepared to fight
Outnumbered Christians fought themselves

12 Changed Europe Trade increased between Europe and Asia
European kings power increased Jews distrusted Christians Christians and Muslims Muslims- unbelievers who threatened Christians Christians- vicious invaders

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