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History, Beliefs, and Impact. Splinter group of Judaism.

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1 History, Beliefs, and Impact

2 Splinter group of Judaism

3 Belief that Messiah will come to deliver the chosen people, and punish the wicked Called “Apocalyptic Doctrine”

4 Roots in polytheism Mystery cults

5 Isis & Mithras Afterlife Personal union with god

6 Roman empire Divisions among the Jews: Sadducees & Pharisees - cooperate Zealots - violent overthrow Local ruler = Herod the Great 10 years of social unrest Provincial government

7 Lived from about 4BCE to 30 CE Galilee = Zealot center Accounts by his followers Parables & stories



10 Baptized by John the Baptist John the Baptist executed Many see Jesus as Messiah Message Goes to Jerusalem…

11 Universal appeal attracts followers – and attention Miracles BOTTOM LINE: viewed as a threat

12 Last supper Betrayal Resurrection

13 Pontius Pilate Crucifixion of Jesus in 30 CE

14 Originally opposed Jesus as Messiah Vision on the road to Damascus Christos = anointed one Paul converts non-Jews Changes some customs – circumcision, dietary restrictions


16 Revolt in 66 in Palestine Jews once again scattered Christianity really takes root

17 Teachings of Jesus and the records of his followers (DISCIPLES) are found in the New Testament Example: Paul’s letters, the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)

18 Against the state? Christians will not worship Emperor as a god Accused of treason Nero: Fires in Rome Martyrs St. Augustine’s Confessions



21 Some emperors attack Christians, while others tolerate them Diocletian = last major persecution Constantine 313 CE Edict of Milan grants religious toleration Converts to Christianity on death bed

22 Clergy vs.. Laity Christians want to survive as a religious group Bishops emerge to firm up doctrine and practices Get jobs based on the principle of apostolic succession, which means that the apostles of Jesus picked the first bishops and thus passed authority to them

23 Pope Patriarchs Bishops

24 Pope Patriarchs Major archbishops Cardinals Primates Metropolitan s Archbishops Diocesian bishops Other bishops

25 Promise of salvation because of Jesus’ death Gives meaning to present life Similar to mystery religions Jesus is human and easy to relate to No initiation rights that are complicated - just baptism Personal relationship with God Communities develop Belong regardless of social class Promise of a better place

26 What makes Christianity so different from other world religions? Why were people so eager for this change?

27 Based on the stories we’ve read so far, what are some important aspects of Christian cultural identity?

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