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Origins and Spread of Christianity

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1 Origins and Spread of Christianity
History Alive: Chapter 36

2 Tree of Monotheism (Main Branches

3 Introduction: Essential Questions
When and how did Christianity originate? How did Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire?

4 Birthplace of Christianity


6 Birthplace of Christianity
Judea: Remote territory on eastern end of Mediterranean Sea Once a part of the ancient kingdom of Israel Came under Roman rule around 63 B.C.E. 37 B.C.E. Herod came to a rule/puppet of the Roman government Herod dies in 4 B.C.E.

7 Cont… Jews hated the Romans and were looking for a Messiah
Prefects put in place by Rome Council of Jewish leaders dealt with local affairs, led by a high priest, outwardly peaceful Prophecies in sacred writing for G-d to send a savior

8 Birth of Jesus Messiah = “annointed one” Augustus orders census
Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem to be counted The “Christmas Story”

9 The Nativity “The Christmas Story”

10 Birth of Jesus (Cont…) Probably born in 6 B.C.E. during the reign of King Herod Forced to seek shelter in a stable Mary gave birth and wrapped him in strips of cloth laying him in a manger

11 The Three Kings

12 Very little known about Jesus’ childhood
Likely studied carpentry and lived in Nazareth

13 Gospels: New Testament
Four important writings/account of Jesus’ life Written by his followers (disciples: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) Statements of faith in Jesus as the promised “Messiah” Greek word for Messiah was “Christos” or “the Christ”

14 Gospels: New Testament (cont…)
Written down from oral and written sources Written 30 – 70 years after Jesus died Tell of events of Jesus’ life: working miracles, healing the sick, befriending the poor and friendless Preached of God’s mercy and love Urged followers to love one another

15 Teachings: Parable: a simple story that explains a moral or religious lesson

16 Jesus’ Teachings Ministry consisted of teaching, healing and service to others Preached in synagogues As popularity increased, He began preaching in large, open spaces, towns and by the Sea of Galilee He invited 12 men to become his disciples

17 John the Baptist Jesus is baptized at the age of 30
John identifies Jesus as the Messiah Turning point in Jesus’ life 40 days of praying in the wilderness Returned to Galilee and began preaching

18 Based on traditional Jewish beliefs
Special emphasis placed on: Love Mercy “You shall love your God with all your heart and all your soul.” “You shall love your neighbor as you love yourself.” “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.” {Pages 352 – 353 in H.A.}

19 The Crucifixion Passover (Jewish festival commemorating Exodus)
Temple and the money-changers Judas Iscariot (betrays Jesus) The Last Supper (Jesus gathers with his 12 apostles/disciples) Pontius Pilate (Roman prefect/sentences Jesus to death by crucifixion) Pgs H.A.


21 Early converts to Christianity were Jews.
The Resurrection What does the Resurrection of Jesus Christ represent for Christians? What holiday is celebrated by Christians to commemorate the Resurrection? Why do eggs play a large role in the celebration of this holiday? Early converts to Christianity were Jews.

22 Missionary Work of Paul:
One of the most important people in Christianity Born in Tarsus, Turkey Devoted his life to spreading the teachings of Jesus in (missionary) Asia minor, Greece and Rome

23 Missionary Work of Paul: (cont.)
His letters to early churches are in bible Romans executed him in 65 C.E. (approximately) After his death, Catholic Church named him a saint

24 Aim: How did people relate to Christ’s message?
Do now:

25 Christianity Spreads:
Over time, people, of all classes, begin to adopt this faith Edict of Milan 313 C.E. Emperor Constantine grants Christians freedom of religion

26 Tree of Monotheism (Main Branches

27 Divisions of the Christian Religions

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