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The 16 th of December. My favorite dish My fovorite dish.

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1 The 16 th of December

2 My favorite dish

3 My fovorite dish


5 Healthy food

6 Breakfast Сладости – sweets На завтрак – for breakfast Бутерброд с сыром – cheese sandwich Кукурузные хлопья – cornflakes Апельсиновый сок – orange juice Овсяная каша - porridge

7 English sandwiches and English Tea What do a lot of people in England eat for their lunch? Where can you buy different sorts of sandwiches? Does each sandwich have four thin slices of bread or not? Lots of foreigners like English sandwiches, don’t they? Do foreigners like English tea? Why? What kinds of sandwiches can we get?

8 Meals breakfast lunch dinner supper

9 Brunch On weekend, when nobody has to leave home for work and everybody is at home, the whole family has the special meal together instead of breakfast and lunch. This meal we call brunch.

10 Brunch For our brunch we have the same food as on weekdays: sandwiches with cheese or sausage or with peanut butter, scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs with bacon, cup of tea with toast and jam or marmalade. Also we like cereal for brunch. Because mum says cereal is very healthy food.

11 Brunch But my favourite food for brunch is pancakes, which we eat with butter or sour cream, with jam or honey. I like our brunch just because of we are together!

12 Test Complete the sentences The British have… a) sweet tooth b) blue tooth c) salt tooth The British like eating sweet things like… a) fish, meat. b) pies, jams, biscuits and buns. c) cheese, bread, rice. For the British, any time is … a) a holiday b) eat-a-sweet time c) a weekend There are a lot of sandwich shops in London where you can buy a) pens b) plates c) all sorts of sandwiches. Some foreigners don’t like English tea because… a) they like coffee b) English tea is very strong c) they don’t want to drink. Brunch is… a) instead of breakfast and lunch b) dinner c) late supper We must eat cereal because… a) nobody eats it b) it is tasty c) cereal is healthy food.

13 Fact or opinion 1. Cabbage is my favorite vegetable. 2. Bread is made from flour. 3. Fruit and vegetables are healthy. 4. Cucumbers taste better than tomatoes. 5. Everybody likes chips.

14 Fact or opinion 6. Pork is meat from a pig. 7. Milk is a good for health. 8. Chocolate milk is tasty. 9. Sweet things are not good for our teeth. 10. Strawberries taste so good.

15 1.Too little food makes you thin. 2.Too much food makes you fat. 3.The wrong food makes you ill. 4.The right food makes you well. 5.Too many sweets are bad for you especially for your teeth.

16 What is good for you?

17 The whole family has this special meal on weekdays.. This meal they call brunch. For brunch they have the same food as on weekdays. They also like soup for their brunch.

18 Mum says cereal isn’t healthy food. Their favourite food for brunch is pancakes with sour cream, jam. They also like brunch because they are together.




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