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Traditional British meals and cuisine

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1 Traditional British meals and cuisine

2 English Breakfast Traditional English breakfast, which includes eggs, sausages and/or bacon, bread, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans in tomato sauce, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, cereal, eggs, soft-boiled. to the meal serves black tea with milk or coffee.

3 English lunch Lunch in the UK is sandwiches with fillings such as tuna with corn and mayonnaise, ham and cheese, chicken with sauce or egg with mayonnaise.

4 The famous British tradition to drink in the 5:0 pm tea (five o'clock tea) are served muffins with raisins, like Easter pies, jam and cream

5 British dinner At dinner in the UK prefer vegetable soups-mashed potatoes (for example, tomato), which serves a slice of bread with butter. Of British dishes like steaks of beef tenderloin, roast, side-dish options that serve potatoes or vegetables. Sauces in the kitchen almost not used. In the world known English mustard.

6 Sunday Roast Carvery

7 In the list of popular British dishes include fish (often fried salt COD) and chips that are sold in stores for fish and chips.

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