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Food in our life I like hotdogs I like beans, I like eating in my jeans.          I like french fries          I like ham          I like eating in my.

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1 Food in our life I like hotdogs I like beans, I like eating in my jeans.          I like french fries          I like ham          I like eating in my jams. I like cookies I like pie I like eating in my tie.          I like bagels          I like lox          I like eating in my socks. I like pancakes I like molasses I like eating in my glasses.          I like veggies          I like fruit          I like eating in my boots.

2 What do people eat… in Russia ? in America ? In England ?

3 What must we do before breakfast lunch dinner, supper ?
I would like to eat… Wash your hands, Before you eat, A good health rule, That's hard to beat. For better work, For better play, Eat three good meals, Every day.

4 Russian food Russian people have three meals a day: breakfast, dinner and supper. Usually in Russia breakfast time at 8-o'clock. We have fried eggs or porridge for breakfast. Russian people like porridge very much. We drink tea and eat bread with butter and with cheese in the morning. In Russia main meal of the day is dinner. Dinner time is between 1 and 3. Russian people eat soup. The most popular soup are: cabbage-soup, fish-soup, red beet soup, mushroom soup. Usually we eat soup with soup cream and with bread. In summer Russian people like to eat cold vegetable-soup with kvass very much. Also we eat for dinner meat, fish, roast chicken with potatoes and spaghetti, roast duck with apples. Supper is end meal a day. We drink tea for supper. Our favourite tea-is tea with sugar, honey, lemon and jam of raspberry. We have tea with cakes for supper. Russian people like to eat cakes. Cakes make with meat, potato, fish, mushroom, apples, rice, vegetables. Also pan cakes are tradition food too. Usually pancakes make for spring holidays. Russian tsars liked pancakes with caviar, fish and meat. In Russia usually drink tea, milk, thin jelly, stewed fruit. Traditional Russian food is very tasty!

5 My meals And I want to tell you about my food.
Meals are very important for everybody. And I want to tell you about my food. I have three meals a day. I have breakfast at seven o'clock. Usually I eat porridge, eggs and drink cacao at breakfast. Then at eleven o'clock I have lunch. Usually I eat toast with jam and drink tea. In afternoon at two o'clock I have dinner. Usually I eat soup. Then I eat potatoes with meatballs, and drink juice. After dinner at five o'clock I have teatime. I have tea party with cookies. I have supper at seven o'clock. Usually I eat spaghetti with sauce or vegetables with mushrooms. At night when I go to bed I drink a glass of milk and eat yoghurt.

Russian people usually drink tea or coffee for breakfast. After dinner they usually drink tea with lemon. For lunch we usually drink coffee with milk. In summer they like to drink cranberry water, kvass. For the holidays they usually drink home brewed beer. After supper they drink milk. My sister likes to drink kefir. My mother likes to drink tea with honey, but I don't like it. My father and I usually drink tea with jam.

7 English food I would like to tell you about English food.
In England breakfast time is between seven and nine. They have porridge with milk for breakfast. Lunch time is between twelve and two. English people eat sandwiches with bacon, fruit, eggs and pudding. For dinner they eat soup, potatoes, meat or salad. They have dinner at afternoon. For supper they eat salad or meat. They have supper in the evening. English people like to drink tea. They drink tea at five o'clock. They call this time «teatime». English people drink tea with milk. They call this tea «English tea». English people like to drink fresh juice and to eat fruit, vegetables and other health meal.

8 Natural food An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Are you eating, are you eating Healthy foods, healthy foods? For your body needs them, for your body needs them Every day, every day. REMEMBER!!! An apple a day keeps the doctor away

9 Natural food We like to eat. We must eat only natural food:
berries, vegetables, fruits and milk food. Natural food I know many vegetables: beet, peas, garden radish, tomato, cucumber, potato, carrot. There are a lot of mineral salts and vitamins in vegetables, fruits. Carotin in present at all vegetables of red-orange colour. In summer we eat berries. From a strawberry and plums people cook jam. From fruit people do jam, compote. Curd riches of calcium and it is very useful at any age. All natural products are very useful to an organism. Remember! You must eat and drink only natural food all the year, every day. Fruits: pear, orange, lemon, tangerine, apple, banana, grapes, peach. Berries: bilberry, blackberry, currant, strawberry, raspberry. Milk food: kefir, milk, cheese, butter.

10 Natural food Remember to buy and eat the right natural food.
Remember the proverb:" An apple a day keeps the doctor away " Eat a lot of fruits: apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, lemons, melons, tangerines, watermelons and other. Eat a lot of vegetables: tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, onion, cucumbers and many different salads. Fruits and vegetables have got a lot of vitamins. Drink natural juice: orange juice, apple juice or grape juice and other. Eat milk food: yoghurt, cheese, pudding ,curd. Drink milk and kefir. Eat fish and meat. Eat food in time: breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Eat food 3 or 4 times a day. You mustn't eat chips, hamburgers, hotdogs, many sweets, drink Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and other. Do you eat the right natural food?

11 I want to tell you about American meals.
American food I want to tell you about American meals. In the morning Americans have a bowl of cereal, bacon, eggs, and toast with jelly and lemon tea. For lunch they like to eat something light. It may be a hot dog or a hamburger. After work people often have dinner. It consists of meat (chicken, turkey, beef or pork), potato chips, peas, beets, tomatoes and green beans and milk. Sometimes they eat barbecue and ribs and apple pies. They seldom sit at the table and eat very long. They «eat and run». They like «fast food ». Americans love to get together and have parties. The last Thursday in November they celebrate Thanksgiving Day. They prepare and eat roast turkey, potatoes and pumpkin.

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