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Smile a while and while you smile, others will smile.

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1 Smile a while and while you smile, others will smile.
And there will be miles of smiles…

2 What do British people like to eat?
British food

3 We are going to: - recite little poems to answer the questions to act out some dialogues to sing a song to dance

4 Which is your favorite food?

5 Choose words from the list for your menu
Borsch, soup, porridge, fish, meat, potatoes, rice, cabbage, steak, cutlet, chicken with gravy, pudding, a sandwich, a bun, bread, a cake. Sugar, sweets, jam, honey, chocolate, pie Tea, coffee, juice, cocoa, milk. An apple, a pear, a plum, an orange, a melon, kiwi.

6 Project “The Healthy Refrigerator”
I choose a lemon, because it’s healthy. I choose an apple… I choose cheese…

7 Are you a healthy child? 1.Do you often go to “Free time”? A) never B) seldom C) often

8 B) hamburger with tea C) pizza with coke
2.What would you eat for breakfast? A) porridge B) hamburger with tea C) pizza with coke

9 3.What would you eat for dinner?
A)porridge B) meat C) I would go to McDonalds

10 4. What would you eat for supper?
A) salad with orange juice B) cheese C) hamburger

11 5.Do you do your morning exercises?
A) every morning B) seldom C) never

12 A: You are a healthy child B: You have some problems with your health C: Only doctor can help you!

13 Do a crossword. People buy food in this place.
It is made from fruit or berries. A meal between breakfast and dinner. Christmas food. The British have a …tooth. The British like this drink with tea. This drink is made from fruit. Children like them very much. They are made from potatoes. Do a crossword. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

14 S H O P J A M L U N C D I G W E T K 8 words – “5” 7 words – “4”
1 S H O P 2 J A M 3 L U N C 4 D I G 5 W E T 6 K 7 8 8 words – “5” 7 words – “4” 5-6 words – “3” 4 words and less – “2” Your mark is ____

15 Earl of Sandwich

16 TRUE OR FALSE 1. People in England eat sandwiches only for lunch.  2. You can buy sandwiches in shops.  3. Lots of foreigners don’t like English sandwiches.  4. English use … for a sandwich.  one slice of bread b) two slices of bread c) a roll  5. Some foreigners don’t like English tea because  a) it is too sweet  b) it is too strong  c) it is too hot.

17 Homework 1. Ex 37 p 134 Make an “Egg and Spring Onion” sandwich.
2. Make a shopping list for your birthday! (to your choice)

18 Thank you for your work

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