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Mrs. Vernon Room 208 While we are waiting to begin, please complete the forms on the left hand side of your child’s desk. You may use the index card to.

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1 Mrs. Vernon Room 208 While we are waiting to begin, please complete the forms on the left hand side of your child’s desk. You may use the index card to write a note to your child and leave it in their desk.

2 B.S. Elementary Education from KU Concentration in reading. Masters degree in Classroom Technology from Wilkes University. Seventh year teaching. My first year I taught fifth grade. This is my sixth year in second grade.

3 On your child’s desk is a sheet of paper with our classroom website. Please take this with you. es/evernon/ es/evernon/ All of the information from tonight is posted on the website.


5 All students have a Take Home Folder with two sides. Side one: Left at Home– important school and classroom papers to be reviewed but kept at home. Side two: Bring Right Back-homework, important papers to be reviewed, signed, and returned, and book orders.

6 Organization is one of the keys to success in second grade. Find a good spot at home to keep their backpack and folder. “Guided Independence” Encourage your child to bring important papers to you!

7 Students write in their assignments daily. I check their assignment books when they arrive in the morning and I initial the book before they leave. Please review and sign their assignments books daily.

8 Weekly (usually Friday) I will post a “newsletter” under the classroom news section of my website. Please refer to this for information about what we are doing in language arts, math, science, and social studies as well as upcoming events and other important announcements.

9 A moderate amount of homework is given this year. Due four days a week. Usually math and language arts. An “unwritten” assignment is to have your child read 5-10 minutes on a daily basis. Homework will be posted nightly on my website. I spot check your child’s homework each morning to see if they completed it. Please contact me if your child seems to be struggling with specific homework assignments or it is consistently taking more than 10 minutes per assignment.

10 Once a week (mostly Fridays) the students will complete a weekly journal. The students will tell you about what they did that week, their favorite or least favorite thing, etc. Please read over this weekly and initial. Please feel free to respond to your child about their week. At times, I will respond in their journals as well.

11 A- 92-100 B-84-91 C-74-83 D-65-73 F-0-64 Performance levels: 4 – Excellent, exceeds expectation 3-Good, meets expectation 2-Making progress 1- Experiencing difficulty N/A – Not Assessed at this time Tests will be sent home weekly. Please review, sign, and return all tests the following day.

12 Combines reading, writing, English, spelling, listening, and speaking.

13 Harcourt reading series (StoryTown) Daily 5 Teacher read aloud Guided reading groups Words to Know (high frequency words or word wall words) Robust Vocabulary Computers Book projects and reading challenges

14 One story per week. Comprehension focus skill of the week. Week five is a review week of skills taught. Weekly test given on Fridays (if any thing changes I will send a note home AND post it to my website). Think Central

15 A study guide will be sent home every Monday for the students’ test on Friday. Included on the study guide is… Spelling words Words to Know Robust Vocabulary Writing, comprehension, and Grammar skill. On the back will be the comprehension questions that go along with the weeks story. Please find a safe place to keep your child’s study guide weekly.

16 Words to know are words that your child will need to be able to read independently. They will not need to know how to spell or define them. The Robust Vocabulary Words are words they have to be able to use correctly in a sentence. They do not have to spell or independently read these words. This section of the test is always teacher read aloud.

17 Large part of second grade. Journals and projects are used. Students work weekly with a writing skill. Focuses on the writing process. 1. Prewriting 2. Drafting 3. Revising 4. Editing 5. Publishing

18 Words come from Harcourt Language Arts Series. Each spelling test focuses on a phonics skill. Spelling words come home on Monday on your child’s weekly study guide AND tic-tac-toe. Spelling tests are on Friday. Please review the words with your child daily. Students should also be encouraged to spell words correctly in their everyday work. Students will be responsible for all 15 words weekly.

19 Every week your child will be required to complete their spelling tic-tac-toe assignment sheet. Your child will be given the tic-tac-toe sheet on Monday and it is due by Friday. Your child needs to pick three spelling activities in a row they will do throughout the week to practice their spelling words. They may do three in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Please be sure to staple or paperclip the assignments together. Please be sure to sign your child’s sheet to verify they have completed all the assignments.

20 Daily 5 has five components 1. Read to Self 2. Read to Someone 3. Listen to Reading 4. Word Work 5. Writing

21 What I Need Students will be put into groups according to needs they may need to improve their reading skills. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Flexible grouping.

22 On the desk outside our classroom is a sign up sheet for mystery reader. Fridays from 3:00 – 3:20 A notarized affidavit is required to be on file if you would like to read. Please bring 1-2 books to read to the students.

23 The students are grouped by strengths and needs ***continuous process with flexible grouping. Your child may be switching to another teacher for math according to a pre-test given before each new unit. The same content is taught throughout each class, however, different strategies may used in each class. Please contact that teacher if you have any questions regarding math.

24 Maps and globes Cardinal directions Neighborhoods, cities, towns, suburbs Landforms Cultures People at work Economics Election America’s past and government Social studies will be taught by me.

25 Science – taught by Mrs. Bower Plants Light/sound Properties of Matter Man-made resources Space and the Solar System Leaf patterns The water cycle

26 1. Listen to whoever is speaking. 2. Follow all directions the first time they are given. 3. No running inside. 4. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 5. No name calling. 6. Respect EVERYONE! 7. Inside voices! 8. Take responsibility for your actions. 9. Don’t talk when someone else is talking 10. Raise your hand and wait to be called on. 11. Always try your best! 12. Have fun

27 Individuals may receive a “Gottcha Being Good” ticket for appropriate behavior throughout the day. On Fridays I will pick tickets from the “Gottcha Being Good” box and students can win a variety of different prizes. Whole class – the whole class can earn or loose a bug according to their whole class behavior. When they fill the bug board, they will vote on a reward.

28 Warning – Verbal warning is given. Strike One – A five-minute time out is given and student fills out an oops slip explaining their behavior and what rule/rules were broken. Strike Two – Five minutes of recess is taken away. The student is asked to fill out another oops slip. Strike Three – A phone call or note is sent home regarding the student’s behavior, along with loosing 10 minutes of recess. Also, a think sheet will need to be filled out.

29 To Be Incredible I will be Kind Careful My best self And Always show respect

30 Pick – up notes- Please be sure to put your child’s first and last name on the note as well as WHO is picking up your child. Everyone will be carded when picking up students from Willow Lane. Lightning Flash: One way Willow Lane is going green is to post ALL school information online instead of sending home paper handouts. Please check the Willow Lane website’s Lightning Flash frequently for important information.

31 Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. E-mail address is Phone number 484-519-3300 extension 38208. Giving Tree! Contact paper.

32 I am very pleased to be your child’s teacher and I am looking forward to an exciting year together! Thank you for your assistance in making second grade a wonderful experience for your child!

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