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Welcome to the Playful Penguin’s Classroom! Ms. Springer Parent Orientation 2010-2011.

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1 Welcome to the Playful Penguin’s Classroom! Ms. Springer Parent Orientation 2010-2011

2 Tonight’s Agenda Introduction Class Polices PBS-Trojan GOLD Everyday Math Reading Mastery

3 Welcome! I am excited to be teaching your children this year! Your child will have two teachers this year. Mrs. Driver will be my assistant and we will all be working together and with you to ensure the success of our students. Throughout the year we will be learning a lot of things and having fun along the way. We want to make this experience is joyful, meaningful, and memorable for everyone. I am looking forward to an awesome school year filled with active learning.

4 Class Policies  Parent Participation  Throughout the school year there will be a variety of special classroom activities and celebrations.  Lunch visits( New School Rule: No outside food at anytime please).  School Attendance  Please have them attend, be on time, and not leave early if at all possible. (Except in the case of sickness or emergencies)

5 Class Policies  School Hours  School starts at 7:45  Tardy after 7:50(must be escorted in)  Dismissed at 2:10  Transportation  Please fill out the information sheets about transportation.  Written notes must be sent in order for transportation to be changed or you may call the front office.

6 Class Policies  Recess and Resource  Shoes  Clothing  Change of clothing in case of accidents  Please put them in a zip lock bag.  Label the bag and clothing.  Names on bookbags  Place first name on the top handle  Put first and last on the inside

7 Classroom Policies  Homework Folder’s  Will come home daily.  Right Pocket-Send Right Back  Left Pocket- To be left at home  Please check Daily  Newsletters  I will be sending them weekly.  They will update you on class news and events.

8 Class Policies  Sending Money  Always send money in a sealed envelope with the following information written on it:  Your child’s first and last name.  The amount of money.  The purpose for the money (book money, party money, etc).  My name and room number (16).

9 Class Policies  Birthday’s  Please give a notice.  Bring treats on the Friday nearest your child’s Birthday.

10 What is PBS- Trojan GOLD?  Positive Behavior System  Trojan GOLD  Give respect  Own your behavior  Listen and learn  Do your Best  How you get it and from who?  Playful Penguins Behavior Management  Earn 3 fish on their igloos for positive behavior.  If they reach this goal they receive Trojan GOLD. Incentives at 5, 10, and 25.

11 Everyday Math Relates math to everyday life. Is done daily. Hands on activities.

12 Reading Mastery  Direct instruction program for guided reading  Small Groups  Instructionally grouped  Skilled development in phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension

13 Parent Teacher Relationship It is very important! I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. You can call me at school at (770) 832-2120 extension 4016. You can email me- Or send me a note and place in your child’s daily folder.

14 Hasta Luego….See You Later!  Please Remember!!!  To return all forms and appropriate envelopes.  Put your child’s name tag on them before they come to school.  Be on time.  Let’s have a great year!

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