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Parent Night 2013 Mrs. Ibsen and Mrs. Smith’s Class.

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1 Parent Night 2013 Mrs. Ibsen and Mrs. Smith’s Class

2 Early Morning Care Do not drop your child off before 7:10. If for some reason they need to be dropped off early, they must bring $3 for early morning care (6:30 – 7:10). This includes if they miss the bus and you have to leave for work early. You must walk them to the library to drop them off at early morning care!

3 Transportation and Absence Notes All transportation notes must be handwritten /typed and brought in the morning of the change. Note should include your child’s first and last name, grade level, teacher’s name and have your signature! Absence excuses need to be brought to school within 3 days after the absence. These must also include your child’s first and last name. If choosing to email absence excuses to me, please also CC Pat Wood at You may not email transportation changes.

4 BINDERS Homework pocket – front left pocket, any sheets in here need to be completed and returned the next day Reading Log– Thank you for doing such an excellent job on helping your child complete this each night (15 minutes a night on Mon – Thurs). Agenda – will discuss further on agenda slide! Morning Work Section - all morning work/daily class work is found in front of this pocket and needs to be left in their binder. Keep and Send Back pockets – please try to clean out nightly Study Guides - Study guides for all tests/quizzes can be found in your child’s study guide pocket. Back Pocket –work in progress, please leave this here so they may complete it in class!

5 ABC Folders ABC = Attendance, Behavior, Curriculum Blue Grade folders come home with child each Friday (if ever running behind or need to change date a note will be sent home) Left Side will contain (this side can be cleaned out and all papers kept at home): ◦School Newsletter ◦School Flyers Right Side will contain: ◦ABC card (to be signed and returned the next day) ◦Graded Papers (discuss with child and return the next day)

6 AGENDAS Each afternoon your child will fill out their assignments in class. All homework will be passed out and put in their binders at this time. I will come around and check their binder. I will then put a colored stamp based on where their clip landed that day on our behavior chart. Please check these nightly to see what kind of day your child had. Also any short notes for me can be written here since I see these daily. Please do not feel discouraged if I do not write back the same day. This just means we were too busy to stop and write a note! I will get to it as soon as possible!

7 Class Discipline Policy Our Classroom Rules Are: Follow Directions Work Quietly Raise your hand before speaking Respect other children and adults Respect others’ property Work and Play safely

8 Class Discipline Policy Clip It Behavior Chart Pink = Super Student Purple = Great Job Blue = Good Choices Green = Ready to Learn Yellow = Think About It Orange = Teacher’s Choice Red = Parent Contact

9 Curriculum in Mrs. Smith’s Classroom Math taught daily for 90 minutes ◦Hands-on AMSTI Math and teacher supplemented practice Science taught daily for 45 minutes – 1 hour ◦Hands-on AMSTI Science Alabama History taught 3 times a week for 30 minutes, supplemented in Reading

10 Curriculum in Mrs. Ibsen’s Classroom Reading ◦Taught daily for 90 minutes.  30 min. small group  60 min. whole group & reading workshop Writing ◦Taught daily for 45 min. – 1 hour  Writing Workshop (pre-write, draft, revise, edit, publish)  Small group and Individual conferences  vocabulary and spelling

11 4 th Grade 1 st 9wks Standards and Objectives - Grading Grading system has changed from S – P –N to 3 – 2 - 1 Level 3- Meeting the Standard Level 2- Working Toward the Standard Level 1 – Working Below Grade Level Standard

12 Grades Math, Science, & Social Studies A 90 – 100 B 80 – 89 C 70 – 79 D 60 – 69 F 59 or below Reading & Writing Rubric presented previously by Mrs. Ibsen Conduct S (1 – 10 clips moved down) P (11 – 15 clips moved down) N (15 + clips moved down)

13 Class Work Morning Work – this is to be completed daily from 7:30 – 8:00, if you check your child’s binder that night & it is not completed then this is homework and needs to be done before they return the next day Any unfinished class work will go one of two places – back of binder or homework pocket. If it is in their homework pocket this means they need to complete it that night and return tomorrow. If it is in the back pocket, please leave there and it will be finished in class sometime that week! Missed work due to absence – Any missed work will be completed in class with teacher and will generally not need to be sent home. Social Studies and Science chapter tests will be made up as soon as your child returns so please have them prepared to do so.

14 Tests A daily language/grammar quiz will be given every Friday. The quiz is over the same skills that is on the morning work M-TH. We go over the morning work daily, so students should have correct answers to study. All other tests will have study guides that can be found behind the divider in your child’s binder. Study guides will be handed out at least 3 days before the test if not more.

15 Homework Policy Nightly ◦Reading Log (15 minutes) ◦Multiplication Fact Review (5 minutes) Daily ◦Monday – math worksheet ◦Tuesday – math worksheet ◦Wednesday – no extra assignments besides nightly assignments listed above ◦Thursday – study for grammar quiz ◦Friday – no homework!

16 Snack and Birthday Treats We eat snack daily so please send in with your child if possible. Please no carbonated beverages or candy. Birthday treats are allowed and will be eaten in the class during snack. Please no homemade goodies due to allergies! Bottled water only is allowed on your child’s desk during the day!

17 Health Room Students may not have medication on them. If your child needs medication, a parent must bring in the medication to Nurse Cindy. If your child throws up or has a fever, you must wait 24 hours before allowing them to return to school. Any questions, contact Nurse Allen at

18 Parent/Teacher Conferences I am always available to discuss your child in person or via telephone. E-mail is the best way to set up a time and day for the conference. You may also call the school and leave a message. Things you may need to discuss: ◦Grades ◦Behavior ◦Other special concerns

19 Contact Information For Mrs. Smith For Mrs. Ibsen Contact Number for us both (205)682-7220

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