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We Celebrate God’s Love

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1 We Celebrate God’s Love
Grade 2 Lesson 3 We Celebrate God’s Love

2 We Belong to the Church Catholics
Baptized members of the Church, led and guided by the pope and the bishops. Around the world, Catholics share and celebrate: Jesus is the Son of God Jesus suffered, died and rose again to save us God’s life and love the call to help and serve others as Jesus did. We belong to the Church community that is called the Catholic Church. We are Catholics. We become members of Church when we are baptized. Do you remember what Church means? - all the people who are baptized in Jesus Christ and follow his teachings.

3 Parishes Transfiguration Parish Our priests Pastor
We worship and work together in communities called parishes. What is the name of our parish? Parish communities are led and guided by priests who work with the men and women of the parish. The parish serves the needs of others, especially the poor, sick, and lonely. Pastor

4 Catholics Celebrate God’s Love by Praying and Worshipping
Faith – a gift from God that helps us to trust God and believe in him. Worship – to give god thanks and praise. Jesus and his disciples – remember that disciples are those who follow Jesus – often shared and celebrated their faith in God. Catholics gather to celebrate their faith in God and his love. We worship God. When we gather to worship, God is with us. We praise God with words from Scripture. We gather as a parish community each week at Mass. We celebrate all that Jesus has done for us. We celebrate that Jesus is with us always. We praise God the Father, through his Son, Jesus Christ, together with the Holy Spirit. God gives us the strength to go out and share his great love.

5 Our Church Celebrates with Seven Special Signs Called Sacraments
Sacraments – special sign given to us by Jesus. Jesus is with us through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Church celebrates with signs. But the signs the Church uses are different from ordinary signs. The special signs the Church uses are called Sacraments – special signs given to us by Jesus. God makes us holy through the sacraments. Jesus gave us these sacraments so we can share in God’s own life. We gather as a church community to celebrate these Sacraments. We become stronger in faith. We grow as followers of Jesus.

6 Baptism We become children of God and members of the Church.
We receive the Holy Spirit for the first time.

7 Confirmation We are sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit and are strengthened. Confirmation makes us stronger followers of Jesus.

8 Eucharist The body and blood of Christ.
We receive Jesus himself in Holy Communion.

9 Penance and Reconciliation
God forgives our sins. We tell our sins to the priest. We are given God’s forgiveness and peace.

10 Anointing of the Sick For those who are sick or are in danger of dying. The priest prays that the person may be healed in body, mind, and spirit.

11 Matrimony A man and a woman become husband and wife.
They promise to love and be faithful to each other always.

12 Holy Orders A man becomes a deacon, priest or bishop.
He then serves the Church by leading and guiding God’s people.

13 Sacraments and Second Grade
Which sacrament have you already received? Which two sacraments are you looking forward to this year?

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