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Seven sacraments By manat bhullar.

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1 Seven sacraments By manat bhullar

2 Contents Baptism Confirmation Anointing of the sick The Eucharist
penance Anointing the sick Marriage Holy orders

3 Baptism In baptism God welcome us to his family when your baptismed your part of God’s family that’s when you start being a catholic. You will be baptism by a priest in a church they will pour water on your head and then pour little bit of oil.

4 Confirmation Confirmation is when you receive gifts from holy spirit. Confirmation is also one of three sacraments of initiation for catholic people. You receive confirmation because at Pentecost Jesus Christ sends holy spirit to people giving them strength to preach good news.

5 The Eucharist In Eucharist we receive Jesus Christ’s body and blood. Catholics believe that Eucharist or communion both sacrifice and a meal

6 Penance The catholic sacrament penance is also known as reconciliation penance has three elements conversion, confession and celebration. In them we found god’s forgiveness.

7 Anointing of the sick The catholic sacrament anointing of sick is when a priest helps some one ill or dying priests do last rites and do some other things and heals you with oil.

8 Marriage Sacrament marriage is when a the loving union of husband a wife speaks of family value and also value of god.

9 Holy Orders In holy orders you decide if you want to spend your rest of life serving god like priest, bishop, and poop

10 Bibliography Directed by manat bhullar Animated by heather animations
Written by manat bhullar

11 Thx for watching

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