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Sacraments of Service and Communion (also Commitment)

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1 Sacraments of Service and Communion (also Commitment)

2 Sacraments of Service and Communion The Sacraments of Service and Communion help those who receive them help others gain their salvation. These Sacraments are: – Sacrament of Holy Orders – Sacrament of Matrimony

3 Sacrament of Matrimony This is a Sacrament of faithful love and service of a man and a woman together within the church. Man is joined with woman to share a family together. The priest does not administer this sacrament, he simply witnesses it. This sacrament is given the bride to her husband and the husband to his wife. The rings worn by husband and wife is a symbol of undying love.

4 Sacrament of Matrimony This sacrament is given once, for life. If one of the spouses dies, then the other spouse sometimes marries again. The wedding day is a day for the church to celebrate God’s faithful love.

5 Sacrament of Holy Orders This is a sacrament of service in the Church. There are various levels of authority in the church for those who choose to serve in in the church. There are three levels in the Sacrament of Holy Orders: Bishop, priest, and deacon.

6 Sacrament of Holy Orders Pope Benedict XVI has the highest office in the church. The bishop has many special responsibilities: – ordains priests – makes holy the oils used in Baptism, Confirmation, and Anointing of the Sick – Guides the dioceses and has the highest authority in the Church

7 Sacrament of Holy Orders The next level in the church is the priest. Priest is made ordained in a special Mass called ordination. Priest is made a priest is made holy by a sacrament given by the Bishop. There are special signs or rites during this sacrament: – Laying of the hands: the Holy Spirit comes in power to make us Holy, strengthen us, and make us Holy. – Priests hands are anointed with Holy Oil (Sacred Chrism).

8 Sacrament of Holy Orders Through this sacrament, priests are made holy to preach the Gospel, to heal the sick, to forgive sins, to baptize, to give Holy Communion, and to celebrate life in Christ, Jesus.

9 Sacrament of Holy Orders First level of Holy Orders is the order of Holy Diaconate. Special ministry given to the church for the proclamation of the Gospel. Deacon can give the Sacrament of Baptism, to witness Matrimony, and to carry out acts of charity and ministry in the church. The deacon’s most important task is to proclaim the Gospel.

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