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Improving the processes and procedures for recruitment and selection.

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1 Improving the processes and procedures for recruitment and selection

2 Updates and key plans for 2015-16 -Induction and pre-course planning arrangements -Pre & post phase experience -SE2 changes -The PG Cert and MA Education

3 Working groups SD programme handbook updates - Adding alliance contacts and summary on school based training, PG Cert summary SD Curriculum development group –Secondary: School based subject expertise, Professional Studies (School based and Central) –Primary:

4 Preparing trainees Pre-induction and induction Induction 2015-16 Summer Term Pre- Induction (School based) - Introduce Summer tasks Term 1 1 st Sept 2015 School Induction Term 1 16 th & 17 th Sept 2015 University Induction Summer tasks -ATS Initial -SK Audits -Reading -School Experience -Pre & post phase experience

5 What does the SD training involve? Overview of the year Term 2: - Tutor Visit 2 - Tutor Visit 3 - SE2 for a ½ term (Sharing ATS targets, Report) - Assignment 2 (Mar) - ATS Term 2 & review Subject Audits (Mar) Term 3: - Tutor Visit 4 - Tutor Visit 5 - Assignment 3 (May) - ATS Term 3 & Subject Audits (June) - Mentor End of Programme Report - Transition to Teaching Term 1: - ATS Initial & Subject Audits - School/ University induction (16 th /17 th Sept) - Tutor Visit 1 - Assignment 1 (Nov) - ATS Term 1 (Dec) Weekly Mentor Meeting Weekly Lesson observation Reviewing Lesson evaluations/Reflective Diary Using ATS Level descriptors to set developmental targets Up to 60% timetable, across two age ranges

6 Support from Middlesex MDX Wiki- +DirectMDX Wiki +Direct rect rect Key documents for mentors include: –Mentor Guidance_Summary –ATS forms (Terms 1,2,3) –ATS Level Descriptors –Weekly Mentor Meeting form –Lesson Observation form –Cause for concern –End of programme report

7 ATS Initial - Determines the trainee’s potential strengths from their ‘Entry profile’

8 ATS Initial - Outlines the pre-course tasks trainees have completed to prepare for the training year. General preparation - e.g. School familiarisation visits, pre-induction, reading N.C Specific preparation (school or university) e.g. SKE courses, Core reading, Subject enhancement/reading (revision guides/ textbooks), examination board websites to review past papers, PG Cert reading (Reflective Practice)

9 ATS Initial -Initial review against the TSs -Review ALL relevant evidence/experience (W/3/2/1)

10 ATS Initial Establishes targets (Term 1) and outlines training needs in their Initial Training Plan

11 ATS Initial Documents key information to support their training and development needs: Timetable Wider school responsibilities and training opportunities (TS8) Experience of engaging with the “age ranges immediately before and after…”

12 Second School Experience SE2 now to be arranged in the second term for ½ a term (5-6 week placement) Clarification on NCTL and OFSTED expectations for SE2 Need for sufficient time to allow trainees to evidence they are meeting the TSs Impact of trainees on pupil progress over time

13 PG Cert and MA Education PG Cert Assignment 1November Critical review of planned learning on the School Direct Programme, based on completion of ATS initial and subject audit (2000 words) Assignment 2March Critically analyse an important contemporary educational issue (group presentation and report) Assignment 3May Critical reflection on how research, and training have informed, influenced and affected trainees personal and professional development

14 PG Cert and MA Education MA Education Ronald Sergejev –

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