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Year 1 First Placement University of Hull BA Primary Teaching Year 1 Mentors’ Meeting November 2014.

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1 Year 1 First Placement University of Hull BA Primary Teaching Year 1 Mentors’ Meeting November 2014

2 Placement within Programme Handbook p. 3 sets out key features of this placement 3 week autumn block 10 - 28 November 2014 Paired placement Orientation into teaching – focus on impact, processes Base class – visits to other classes 4 weeks of phonics training, 4 weeks of early years Trainees work under guidance of CT and on directed tasks No grades – feeds into Professional Studies outcomes Post-placement tutorial with Personal Supervisor Summer block – 15 June - 10 July 2015

3 People and their Roles Contact details are in handbook p.5 Programme Director – Sue Pierce School Experience Coordinator – Kay Fraser Primary Partnership Coordinator – Cecily Simpson Partnership Office – Kim Metcalfe Placement Tutors – Designated regionally PAT – Designated regionally Within school Mentor Class Teacher

4 Website Google – Hull Primary Partnership Handbook Contact details Dates Documents

5 Conduct and Absence Information in front of handbook p.7 Behaviour Appearance Conform to school discipline system Inform school of absence, leave message at University – repeated for each day of absence Maintain record of attendance

6 Overview P.9, 10, 11 of handbook. Gives guidance to trainee to manage their time In agreement with class teacher the suggested timeframe is: Week 1: tasks 1-4 Week 2: tasks 5-8 Week 3: tasks 9-10 (maths) Identify one profile child for trainee to follow over placement and in specific tasks

7 Weekly meeting and review Agree when and where with trainee at start Private, uninterrupted, appropriate length of time Questions - how do they know? What evidence? What is the impact on pupils? Weekly meeting and review form - handbook appendix 1 p.26 Trainee to fill this in. Consider progress, own subject knowledge, impact of training Weekly review form - focus for discussion and targets

8 Weekly meeting to include Progress of directed tasks (please sign and date) Plan visits to other classes or key stages If possible please ensure a visit to observe phonics teaching and EYFS Help trainees to write weekly review.

9 Standards Focus is on all 8 standards in discussions and meetings Early stage of their training – stepping from work experience to trainee teacher role Professional discussions

10 Overview of tasks 10 directed tasks in total – in base class and other classes First 3 tasks are tied to a Teaching and Learning module Trainee to print rough copy and use this to make notes. Must then type up best copy for file. Basis for mini viva Overview has suggested framework but tasks can be done at any time over the placement Class teacher/mentor to sign off tasks and date

11 Tasks – week 1 Task 1School Context Questions Task 2Plan of Learning Environment Task 3Introductory talk with profile child guide questions/general observation prompts Task 4English S3a: Reading materials and children’s experience

12 Tasks – week 2/3 Task 5English S3a/4d – Opportunities for speaking and listening Task 6English S3a – Phonics observation, highlight elements Task 7EYFS – learning environment, routines, comparison with base class Task 8Science S8b/3b – discussion with professional colleagues to develop subject knowledge (science co-ordinator) Task 9Maths – observe maths lesson in base class, complete proforma. Focus is on learning behaviours of profile child. Task 10Maths – plan a group activity eg. game, problem solving. Class teacher to supply learning objective. Trainee uses planning proforma.

13 Profile child Class teacher to help identify a profile child for the trainee to follow Does not need to be a child with additional needs Trainee to work with this child during lessons Focus of tasks 3 and 9 is with profile child

14 Placement Tutor visit One visit during November block – to take place w/c 17 November No observation Placement tutor will assess the tasks undertaken to date and provide feedback on these

15 Issues Inform PATs - Contact details on web– early as possible, informal chat better than leaving it Discussed with Placement Tutor School Experience Coordinator alerted Action taken – Placement Tutor

16 Feedback Sheet A Mentor feedback sheet will be available for your comments. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT!

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