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Stage 2 School Experience Dates 9 th May 2014 to 23 rd June 2014 (Half term 2 nd to 15 May)

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1 Stage 2 School Experience Dates 9 th May 2014 to 23 rd June 2014 (Half term 2 nd to 15 May)

2 Stepping up a gear Building on previous experience (Stage I & taught course) Increased teaching responsibility (70% after half term) Taking ownership of planning, evaluating and assessment to lead to the children making progress Recognising and reflecting on the impact of their teaching on children’s learning

3 Students are preparing by: Reviewing all Stage I feedback to inform targets for Stage II Up-dating PDP – include Stage I feedback and report Locating CRB and taking into school on Day 1 Writing a letter of introduction, including personal information regarding allergies, medical conditions, emergency contact details Continuing to check e-mails regularly

4 Students are preparing by: Organising files (see appendix 13) Inserting copies of all relevant forms (including form 20) Reviewing school website, latest Ofsted report and school data dashboard

5 Before half term students will: Understand the school, key policies, and expectations Share personal professional targets with school staff and Link Tutor (LT) Plan teach assess and evaluate group activities, parts of lessons and whole lessons Build up to 50% teaching responsibility Undertake teacher duties Observe good practice Complete Medium Term Plans in draft Engage proactively in assessment of the children and of their own professional development – Profile pupils – Assessment records – Highlight level descriptors leading to shared understanding and personal target setting

6 Placement Information Document (to be completed by 19 May) These must be discussed with teacher and ‘signed off’: Health and Safety Inclusive Education Teaching and Learning (including homework) Safeguarding and Promoting the Health and Well-being of Pupils Assessment, monitoring, recording & giving feedback (including marking) Behaviour management (including bullying policy) Partnerships with others

7 During half term students will: Prepare medium term plans for those areas of the curriculum for which they have responsibility for teaching over 3½ weeks Prepare medium term plans for English and at least 2 others (1 of which should be non-core strength where possible) Annotate school medium term plans for other curriculum areas for which they are responsible Ensure their teaching includes phonics and PE Use University pro formas or the school pro formas (if the school prefers this)

8 Medium Term Plans ( Pl G p6, p20-31 ) Cover sheets for each area of the curriculum that student will be responsible for teaching (at least En, Ma, PE & 2 non-core subjects) Unit plans for English and Maths, planned with the class teacher (refer to English/Maths lecture notes) Maths and English weekly plans written independently by student Negotiate which En/Ma to teach in advance so that student also has time to teach non-core subjects; for example, wk 1 = En, wk 2 = Ma, wks 3+ = En & Ma Two medium term plans must be completed following detailed guidance

9 After half term students will Plan and teach independently (groups and whole class) for up to 70% of the timetable Use 10% non-contact time for PPA Use 20% non-contact time for observation/professional development Assess, monitor, record, give feedback to inform planning and support pupil progress (IMPACT upon pupil learning) Evaluate own progress: lesson evaluations, weekly evaluations Respond proactively to advice and feedback Adopt role of teacher Complete weekly evaluations from 23 rd May.

10 Teaching phonics ( TS 3.4 ) If not in FS/KS1 – plan & teach at least 3 phonics sessions (arrange to visit another class asap) - plan & teach spelling/reading in own class throughout placement In FS/KS1, 1 formal observation with feedback Complete ‘phonics tracker’ (in PDP)

11 Assessing, Monitoring & Record Keeping (Pl G p9-11) You may prefer a separate assessment file with dividers for: Observation of learning (form 17) Target group assessments (form 18) 2 Pupil profiles – include 3 Profile sheets (English, Maths and ‘Other’ Pl G p43) and annotated evidence (incl 1 pupil who is under-achieving/has particular needs). Complete PP analysis (Form 8b) Class records in line with school practice Notes on individual pupils e.g. post-its Begin to collate information from day 1! All pupil records are confidential

12 Assessment of Stage II At least 4 or 5 formal observations planned: Link Tutor will visit twice and offer written and oral feedback (Appendix 12) School staff will observe at least twice and offer written and verbal feedback Link tutor and school staff joint observation if possible Mid-point review Students and observers should refer to ‘Dulux cards’ in preparation for observations – subject-specific feedback

13 Mid-point review Student preparation - meet Medium Term Plan requirements - review personal targets to date - highlight Level Descriptors and evaluate progress for discussion (App 11) ‘Readiness to commence’ form completed by school before holiday (23 May) and by Link Tutor during holiday tutorial and then student to complete ‘student response’ section If a student is not ready to commence or is at risk of failure, please let Kathryn Rhodes and Emma Howell know during half-term

14 Setting targets Evidence used: Level descriptors Self-evaluation – lessons, focused against Teachers’ Standards Formal and informal feedback Targets will: Be specific, focused and achievable Identify strategies to meet targets Begin to describe what success will look like, relating to Level Descriptors

15 Students causing concern (App 10) Link Tutor or school staff will usually: inform student verbally discuss strategies for improvement monitor progress and continue to support complete ‘Statement of serious concern’ In exceptional circumstances, a school may request a student is withdrawn immediately

16 Stage II formative grades 1– Very good 2– Good 3– Satisfactory 4– Unsatisfactory. Fails to meet the Standards

17 Extract from the revised School Report form HIGH EXPECTATIONS, MANAGING BEHAVIOUR, WIDER PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES (Teachers’ Standards: 1, 7, 8) Overall Grade TS 1 TS 7 TS 8 StrengthsAreas for Development

18 Students are expected to be professional and pro-active Discuss and plan any out-standing School Based Tasks with Class teacher (SE4) Arrange Link Tutor visit dates, inform school and leave visit schedule with administrative staff on morning of visit. Leave copy of lesson plan on top of School Experience File for Link Tutor Always have all files available for scrutiny Remind school staff, in advance, of deadlines for forms Set regular dates to meet with mentor and/or class teacher Contact Link Tutor or Kathryn Rhodes if you they any concerns

19 Absence from school The following must be informed of any absence from school, extra placement days will be arranged where appropriate: School Students sharing transport Link Tutor Kathryn Rhodes Personal Tutor Russ Shalofsky

20 Thank you for hosting our students

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