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Business Letters Word Processing 5.

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1 Business Letters Word Processing 5

2 Insert Date and Time Use this function to insert the current date and/or time. Insert – Date and Time – Select format – OK Another Way Start keying date and hit enter Example: Type Janu and then press enter The month ‘January’ should show up.

3 Center Page Vertically (Vertical Alignment)
Centers text between top and bottom margins, so that equal space is above and below what you have keyed on the page. File – Page Setup – Layout tab – Vertical Alignment – Center – OK **Remember this one! We’ll use it a lot.

4 Business Letters Formal communications between individuals (clients) and businesses or between two businesses. Different than a letter you would send to a family member. Specific Format

5 Letter Format BLOCK Everything begins at left margin
Centered Vertically MODIFIED BLOCK Return address, Date, and Signature Block start at center position All other lines begin at left margin Centered Vertically (Sample: Pink) (Sample: Yellow)

6 Punctuation Mixed Punctuation
use a : (colon) at the end of the salutation and a , (comma) after the complimentary close. Use regular punctuation in the paragraphs. Open Punctuation No : (colon) after the salutation and No , (comma) after complimentary close. Use regular punctuation in the paragraphs.

7 Letter Parts ** What kind of letter are you writing? Does the
paper you will be printing on have letterhead? 1. Letterhead: Return address does not need to be keyed. No Letterhead: Return address Sample Letterhead Look at the samples. There are samples with and without letterhead.

8 Date – must be spelled out (follow with a QS).
Letter Address – this is the address to whom you are sending the letter. SS, then follow with a DS. Salutation - Dear Mr. Smith: or To Whom it May Concern: (Only use title and last name) follow with a DS.

9 Date – spelled out Month DD, YYYY QS Letter Address DS Salutation DS

10 Complimentary closing line – almost always Sincerely, followed by QS
Body (message) – Single spaced paragraphs with a DS between each paragraph. Complimentary closing line – almost always Sincerely, followed by QS Quadruple space leaves enough room for the person to sign the letter after printed. Signature block – writer’s name and title. Title goes on line below writer’s name.

11 SS BODY DS SS DS QS Pamela Hopper Complimentary Close Writer’s Name

12 Reference initials “xx”- DS below the writer’s name and title.
When you typed it but you did not write it. LOWERCASE and NO PERIODS!! xx will be replaced with your initials

13 DS Reference Initials (lowercase & NO periods)

14 Notations (Enclosure(s) or Copy)
Enclosure: if there is something attached to or included in the letter it is called an enclosure. If there is more than one, it is enclosures. They should be referenced in the body of the letter. *Both sample letters have enclosures. DS below reference initials. Copy: if a copy of the letter is going to be sent to someone else. This notation goes a DS below the last letter part. c (name of person) example: c Zach Hills You will not have a notation at the bottom of every letter. Use only when needed.

15 Notations: Enclosures Copy (as needed) DS DS

16 Mailability Means the letter is ready to mail.
Letter should be 100% error free. Use Spellcheck and Grammarcheck Proofread yourself!

17 Envelopes Tools – Envelopes and Labels
Delivery address is the same as the letter address and will be put in automatically if you have a typed letter on your screen. Return address is the sender’s address.

18 Envelopes Continued Use Options to add the Delivery Point Barcode – this helps sort by zipcode. Click on “Add to Document” DO NOT TRY TO PRINT ENVELOPES IN COMPUTER LAB!

19 Envelope added to document
Delivery Point Barcode Return Address Delivery Address

20 Before you are finished…
Make sure, make sure, make sure to CENTER THE LETTER VERTICALLY! You have been given four sample letters. Your assignment letters should look exactly like the sample letters. They are formatted correctly.

21 Follow the instructions on your assignment sheets to complete letters 1-3.
Make sure to change the view to 2 pages before you call me over for a stamp.

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