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Communication and Document Formatting

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1 Communication and Document Formatting
BCS-BE-2: The student produces written communications that utilize proper tone, grammar, and bias-free language. Academic Standard: ELA10W1 (a) Establishes a clear, distinctive perspective and maintains a consistent tone and focus throughout. Essential Question: How do you effectively write and format a Block Style Business Letter? Why is it important to proofread any document?

2 Purpose of Document Formatting
Word Processing is software programs that creates, edits, and saves text documents. When people use a computer to write a letter they likely use ______ software. In this Unit, we will learn how to format personal business letters, business letters, and memos. Regardless of your future occupation, knowing how to communicate effectively with businesses is essential. Written Communication is important no matter your profession or station in life. Some say it is a direct “hardcopy” statement of one’s intelligence. With that being said it is vital that everyone know the proper way to communicate via the written word. In business there are several documents that will give someone the opportunity to communicate their message directly to the intended audience. These documents need to be formatted correctly in order to reflect professionalism and enhance the message communicated. To communicate effectively, there are rules that must be followed on how your documents should look. During this presentation, pay careful attention to spacing between document parts (that includes any margin changes).

3 What is a Personal Business Letter?
It is a letter written from a person to a company. Can be used for any purpose that requires written communication from an individual to a company Such as: To accompany returned goods Complaint letter Thank you letter Résumé cover letter

4 Personal Business Letter Parts
Date Line: current date written out as month, day, and complete year Inside Address: includes the Name, Title, Company and Address of the recipient Salutation: letter’s greeting – you use the same name you used in the Inside Address – using Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss followed by a colon : Body: message of the letter. Single space with in paragraphs and double space between paragraphs Complimentary Closing: letter’s goodbye – using phrases such as Regards and Sincerely followed by a comma , Signature: writer's handwritten signature Writer’s Identification: writer’s typed name and address

5 Personal Business Letter Order and Spacing
2” Top margin Date– QS (press Enter 4 times) Inside Address – DS (Press Enter 2 times) Salutation – DS (press Enter 2 times) Body – SS the text within the paragraph and DS between the paragraphs Complimentary Closing – QS Writer’s ID (name and address)

6 Personal Business Letter Styles and Punctuation
There are three types of letter styles that are acceptable in business: Block style – all lines in the letter begin at the left margin (no tabbing or indenting) Modified block style – date line, complimentary closing and writer’s identification begin at midpoint Semi-modified block style - date line, complimentary closing and writer’s identification begin at midpoint and all body paragraphs are indented (or tabbed over) ½” There are two types of letter punctuation that are acceptable in business: Mixed punctuation – there will be a colon (:) after the salutation and a comma (,) after the complimentary closing Open punctuation – there will be NO punctuation after the salutation or complimentary closing

7 What is a Business Letter?
Represents a company not an individual Usually prepared on company letterhead Company letterhead is official company stationery that often contains a logo along with the name, address, phone and fax number Follow this link to look at sample letterheads

8 What are the differences between a Personal Business and Business Letter?
Writer’s company name and address should appear in the letterhead, so there is no need to type it again at the bottom of the letter Writer’s business title is usually keyed under the name Reference initials are added a DS (press Enter 2 times) after the Writer’s ID – These initials are of the person who types the letter Used to easily locate who typed the letter Enclosure or Attachment notations are added a DS below the Reference Initials This is a special section that is only added if something else is either physically attached to the letter or accompanying the letter in the same envelope

9 Activity Composing a Business Letter Activity
Choose one of the following letters to write to a business or to the school principal Complaint letter Thank you letter A letter offering suggestions for improvement Business Example (Cell phone company or restaurant) Example Business letters can be found in the MS Office or on the internet.

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