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Guidelines for Business Letters

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1 Guidelines for Business Letters
C503 Input letters in acceptable styles.

2 Personal Business Letter (Block Style)
A letter written by an individual to deal with business of a personal nature. Letters arranged in the block format have all parts of the letter beginning at the left margin.

3 Basic Parts (in order of placement)
Return Address one line for the street address one line for city, state (2 letter code), and ZIP Code Date Keyed directly under the Return Address Month (spell it out), day, and year ~ March 19, 2007 Letter Address Keyed a QS (3 Enters ~ 2 blank lines) below the date Delivery address (address of person receiving the letter) Use a personal title (Miss, Mr., Mrs., Ms.) or professional title (Dr., Lt., Senator) before the receiver’s name

4 Salutation (greeting)
Keyed a DS (2 Enters ~ 1 blank line) below the letter address Includes title and last name (unless you know the receiver on a personal level) Body Start keying a DS (2 Enters ~ 1 blank line) below the salutation SS (single space ~ no blank lines) within the paragraphs DS (double space ~ 1 blank line) between the paragraphs

5 Complimentary Close (farewell)
Keyed a DS below the last line of the body Sincerely, Very Truly Yours, etc. Name of Writer Keyed a QS (3 blank lines )below the complimentary close QS allows for room for signature Name may be preceded by a title

6 Special Parts Reference Initials Attachment/Enclosure notation
Used if someone other than the writer keys the letter Keyed a DS below the writer’s typed name Keyed in lowercase letters at the left margin Attachment/Enclosure notation Used if another document is attached/included with the letter Keyed a DS below the Reference Initials or a DS below the writer’s typed name if no Reference Initials

7 Margins Side = 1” Top = 2 – 2 ½” Bottom = 1”


9 Punctuation Styles Open Mixed
No punctuation after salutation or complimentary close Mixed Colon after salutation Dear Mrs. Walker: Comma after close Sincerely,

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