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WP Unit 2 – Business Letters

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1 WP Unit 2 – Business Letters
Computer Technology Weber High School

2 Full Block Business Letter Format Guide
Center Page Vertically    Change line spacing to 1.0 Remove space after paragraphs Page Layout tab, Page Setup more button Layout tab, Vertical Alignment to Center Return address—address of person sending letter (use only WITHOUT letterhead) Current Date—spell out (i.e. March 26, 2010) QS – 4 Enters Mr. John Doe Inside address— address of person receiving the letter DS Salutation— Dear Mr. Doe DS BODY— Do not indent ¶ DS between DS DS Complimentary Close QS Writer’s name Writer’s title DS Typist’s initials—only include if NOT from you; lowercase, no punctuation DS Enclosure Enclosure notation—if you are sending something with the letter

3 Punctuation Styles Open Punctuation: No Punctuation after Salutation or Complimentary Close Example: Dear Mr. Jones Sincerely Mixed Punctuation: Salutation followed by colon Example: Dear Mr. Jones: Complimentary Close followed by comma Example: Sincerely,

4 Modified Block Style Center Page Vertically    Return address, Date, Complimentary Close, Writer’s Name, Writer’s Title BEGIN at the center—use TAB!

5 STOP! Start on WP Unit 2 Assignment #1

6 Computer Technology Weber High School
WP Unit 2 – Letters Notes Computer Technology Weber High School

7 Letterhead Create in a header (Insert tab, Header, Blank)
Includes name, address, phone number, etc. Not to exceed 1 ½ - 2 inches from top of page

8 Moving Text Cut – Ctrl X Copy – Ctrl C Paste – Ctrl V

9 Setting Tabs Home tab, Paragraph more button, click Tabs
Set Tab stop position Set Alignment Add dot leaders, if needed Click Set

10 Tab Characters in Ruler Bar
Left Right Center Decimal

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