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Making plurals.

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1 Making plurals

2 el los la las un unos una unas Plural Articles Definite articles = the
Indefinite articles = a, an some un unos una unas

3 Plural Nouns If a noun ends in a vowel add “s”
If a noun ends in a consonant add “es” If it ends in a Z change the “z” to a “c” and add “es” El alumno los alumnos La alumna las alumnas Un profesor Unos profesores Un lápiz Unos lápices

4 Plural adjectives Adjectives have to match the noun in number and gender. Remember that adjectives that end in an “o” have four forms. Not all adjectives end in “o”. Use the same rules as making nouns plural Cómico cómicos Cómica cómicas All of these adjectives are BOTH masculine and Feminine. They only have two forms: Singular and plural. Deportista Deportistas (athletic) Popular populares Felíz Felices

5 Plural Subject Pronouns
Singular forms Plural forms Talking about myself as part of a group Talking about myself Yo Nosotros, nosotras Uds. (“Vosotros, vosotras” in Spain) Talking to a group of friends Talking to you, a friend Él Ellos Talking about a guy Talking about a group of guys or a mixed group Ella Ellas Talking about a girl Talking about a group of girls only Ud. Uds. Talking to you, a person I should respect Talking to all of you as a group

6 (“Vosotros sois” in Spain)
Plural Forms of “ser” Singular forms Plural forms Soy Somos I am We are Eres Uds. Son (“Vosotros sois” in Spain) You are (familiar) Él es Ellos son He is They are (males or mixed) Ella es Ellas son She is They are (females) Ud. es Uds. son You are (formal) All of you are

7 Putting it all together
El muchacho es inteligente y serio. Los muchachos son inteligentes y serios. Pilar es popular. Pilar y Lupe son populares Tú eres honesto. Uds. son honestos Tú y yo somos honestos

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