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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

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1 King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Take notes!

2 Important facts about the legends of King Arthur
* Stories of King Arthur were especially popular during the Middle Ages, though Arthur and his Knights actually lived (supposedly) during the Anglo-Saxon Era ( ) * These types of stories are referred to as romances. Romance- any imaginative adventure concerned with noble heroes, gallant love, a chivalric code of honor, and daring deeds. * Such tales were popular during the Middle Ages because of their imaginative nature and idealized world. During the time, England was in a state of political and civil unrest. The thought of castles, heroes, love, and magic was appealing.

3 What do we know about Arthur?
* Arthur was the son of Uther-Pendragon. * King Arthur brought peace to Britain. * Arthur was raised by Sir Ector. * King Arthur made his capital in Camelot. * Arthur became king by pulling a sword from an anvil. * King Arthur married Lady Guinevere. * King Arthur’s knights were called The Knights of the Round Table * Arthur is believed to be asleep in a cave * Arthur may have been Riothamus or many other kings of history.

4 What do we know about Merlin?
* Merlin was a fatherless child. * Merlin prophesized the death of Vortigern. * Merlin was a prophet. * Merlin arranged the sword in the stone contest to make Arthur king. * Merlin is responsible for Stonehenge. * Merlin brought Arthur to Avalon, introduced him to the Lady of the Lake, and got Excalibur for him. * Merlin helped disguise Uther Pendragon so that he could seduce Ygraine.

5 What do we know about Guinevere?
* Guinevere’s name is spelled many different ways. * Guinevere was easily taken advantage of. * Guinevere was very beautiful. * Guinevere was Arthur’s wife.

6 What do we know about the Knights of the Round Table?
* There were 150 knights at the table. * Sir Gawain, Sir Tor, and King Pellinore were the first of the knights to go on a quest. * Each knight’s name was engraved in gold. * They followed the Chivalric Code. * They were the bravest knights in the land. * They were to embark on many adventures.

7 What exactly is the Chivalric Code?
The Chivalric Code was established as a result of the First Quest of the Knights of the Round Table. All of the Knights of the Round Table are required to maintain: 1. Faith 2. Honor 3. Courtesy 4. Loyalty 5. Bravery 6. Modesty The ideal knight respected and vigorously defended his church, his king, his country, and victims of injustice.

8 This is their Code of Chivalry:
Be brave. Demonstrate honor. Show courtesy. Protect the weak. Respect women. Show fairness even to enemies.

9 “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”
As we read, look for: 1. Descriptions of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 2. Aspects of a romance 3. Examples of the Chivalric Code 4. References to Christianity 5. References to the Anglo-Saxon Era Homework: Read “Sir Gawain and The Green Knight” for Tuesday (Pgs ). Write down examples of the above and be prepared to discuss.

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