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Arthurian Legends.

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1 Arthurian Legends

2 Arthurian Legends Takes place in Great Britain
Fictional Legends with many different versions Sir Thomas Malory brought together the first collection 12th and 13th Century

3 Camelot Castle

4 3 Classes of Medieval Society
Nobility Clergy Commoners

5 Round Table Mystical Table in Camelot Symbol of Unity
Given to Arthur by King Lodegreaunce (Guinevere's Father)

6 Holy Grail In Christian mythology the cup used by Jesus during the last supper. In Arthurian legends the hero must prove himself worthy to be in its presence

7 “Siege Perilous” Special seat at Round Table for the knight destined to return with the Holy Grail Sir Galahad- only knight who sits in it. Fatal to anyone else who sat in it.

8 Excalibur (Cut Stele) King Arthur's mythical sword
Given by the Lady of the Lake Sword in the stone could only drawn by real king.

9 Page, Squire, Knight Age 7-Page Age 14- Squire Age 18-21- Knight
Servant in a household Learns weaponry, courtesy, religion, etc. Age 14- Squire Personal aide to a knight Age Knight If he can master the skills he is then knighted

10 Chivalry Ideas associated with medieval knighthood Examples Honor
Courtly love Bravery Loyalty to King

11 King Arthur Son of Uther Pendragon + Igraine Raised by Sir Ector
Drew the sword from the stone Married to Guinevere

12 Sir Lancelot A French invention Greatest of King Arthur’s Knights
One of the most trusted Has an affair with Guinevere

13 Sir Galahad Son of Lancelot + Elaine
The only knight to sit in the “siege perilous” Quest for the Holy Grail

14 Sir Kay Arthur and Kay raised by Sir Ector
Kay was Arthur’s foster brother Tries to claim sword in the stone

15 Sir Gawain King Arthur’s nephew Defender of the poor Ladies man

16 Sir Mordred Illegitimate son of Arthur & Morgan Le Faye?? Traitor
Takes over Kingdom while Arthur is away

17 Merlin(s) King’s Advisor Mentor to Morgan Le Fay
Warrior / Wizard / Disney King’s Advisor Mentor to Morgan Le Fay

18 Morgan le Fay “Fay” is French for “fairy” King Arthur’s half sister
Studied the evil arts under Merlin Conjured the Green Knight to test the knights of the round table Seduced many knights (in one version, even King Arthur—resulting in son, Mordred)

19 The Siege of Benwick Lancelot kills Gawain’s brothers in the process of saving Guinevere Gawain convinces Arthur to lay siege on Benwick (France) where Lancelot is Gawain calls out Lancelot to avenge his brothers

20 The Siege of Benwick Sir Gawain and Sir Lancelot battle
Sir Gawain becomes stronger for 3 hours, until noon—weakens Sir Lancelot shows forbearance and does not kill him

21 Meanwhile:The Siege of Benwick
Mordred falsely proclaimed himself the King of England Incestuously claimed Guinevere as wife. Guinevere escaped to the Tower of London

22 The Siege of Benwick Bishop of Canterbury did not
consent to Mordred’s—went away to become a hermit Arthur dreams of dead Gawain warning him to postpone the battle till Lancelot can help Gawain’s ghost tells Arthur that he and Mordred will die

23 The Day of Destiny Mordred meets Arthur at Dover, they discuss a delay
They make a truce until a knight draws his sword (to kill an adder) The opponents see the glint of his sword and the battle begins.

24 The Day of Destiny As predicted, almost all die in the epic battle
Arthur kills Mordred But Arthur is mortally wounded and is brought by Bedivere to the nearest church. I am your father, Luke

25 The Day of Destiny Arthur tasked Bedivere to throw the sword into the lake. He failed to obey Arthur twice Finally he throws Excalibur into the lake

26 The Day of Destiny The Lady of the Lake catches the sword and brandished it thrice

27 The Day of Destiny Bedivere carries Arthur to the waterside and puts him in a barge He is then set adrift by the four queens He is said to return to Avalon (knight’s paradise)

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