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Arthurian Legend The Basics. Who is King Arthur? Warrior? King? Legend?

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1 Arthurian Legend The Basics

2 Who is King Arthur? Warrior? King? Legend?

3 Records What is Arthur famous for? Geoffrey on Monmouth? –History of Britain Sir Thomas Malory? –Author, Le’ Morte de Arthur

4 Important People King Uther Pendragon Duchess Igraine King Arthur Pendragon Queen Guinevere Merlin Lancelot Morgause Morgan Le Fay Nyneve Gawain Mordred

5 King Uther and Duchess Igraine Arthur’s parents Self-seeking background Uther Loves Igraine Merlin interferes… Igraine begets Arthur –Who is Arthur’s father?

6 Arthur Childhood is obscure at best Sword in the stone (Excalibur) Warrior; teenage king Marries Guinevere Has an affair with many— Morgause being the most famous Disney's Sword in the Stone

7 Guinevere Noble birth (usually assumed) Married Arthur Most versions claim she has an affair with Lancelot Adultery leads to the downfall of Arthur Mordred?

8 Merlin Wizard, warlock, sorcerer Arthur’s mentor Involved/engineers the birth of Arthur thru magic and intrigue: uses Uther as a vessel Villain or hero? Lady of the Lake; Lover or enemy?

9 Lancelot Knight of the round table Well respected and fully trusted by Arthur Historically accepted as Guinevere’s lover Retreated to France; pursued by Arthur Act results in the death of Gawain's brothers, the rift b/t Lancelot and Gawain, and Mordred's betrayal of King Arthur.

10 Morgause & Morgan Le Fay Morgause –Sister or half sister? Of Arthur –Mother of Mordred & Gawain –Sorceress? –Seductress or innocent adulterer? Morgan Le Fay –Half sister of Arthur –Antagonist? V. Guinevere –Sorceress –Healer? –Avalon? –Fairy?

11 Nyneve/Vivien/Lady of the Lake Merlin’s love Merlin’s downfall Lady of the Lake’s Maiden Enchantress Antagonist? Protagonist?

12 Mordred Son of Arthur and Morgause (Illegitimate) Discovers Lancelot and Guinevere Tries to take over the kingdom while Arthur is fighting Lancelot Seduces Guinevere? Killed and “Kills” Arthur

13 Gawain Arthur’s nephew Mordred’s half brother Closest heir to the throne Courteous Model for Chivalry “Maiden’s knight”

14 Terms to Know… Code of Chivalry- moral system idealizing knighthood, honor, and bravery Legend- a narrative of human actions told by a storyteller Medieval Romance- a tale of high adventure; can be a religious crusade, rescue, or conquest. Summarize- to express concisely in your own words.

15 What is Courtly Love? Andreas Capellanus: “Love is a certain inborn suffering derived from the sight of and excessive meditation upon the beauty of the opposite sex, which causes each one to wish above all things the embraces of the other and by common desire to carry out all of love’s precepts in the other’s embrace” (p.28). C. S. Lewis: Humility Courtesy Adultery Religion of Love

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