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All About Ally Ally Gregory Period 1 2/18/15 Main Menu.

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1 All About Ally Ally Gregory Period 1 2/18/15 Main Menu

2 My Family and Past College and Education Personal Goals Interests/Hobbies Menu There is many different characteristics about me. In the past, I have gone to Lake Havasu since I was two years old. Currently, I play volleyball at RHS and for a travel team. In the future, I hope to attend Arizona State University and pursue a degree some how in working with children. I am very excited for what the future has in store for me.

3 My Family and Past I have a very interesting background. My main heritage is English, my aunt was born there in fact. My grandfather was in the air force at the time. If they did not move because of my grandfather moving bases, my mother most likely would have been born there and lived there too. Sadly my grandfather died in 2008, I was devastated because he was everything to me. As for my parents, my dad works is a public works manager in Laguna Niguel. My dad, aunt and uncle, grandmother, and great grandmother all attended RHS, so I thought I would carry the tradition on, so I got a transfer to RHS instead of REV and I could not be happier with my decision. My mom is a veterinarian. Because of that, we have five dogs, two cats, and two tortoises. My brother Trevor went to REV and played basketball there, then he attended Cal State San Bernardino. Now he has a journalism degree and is a writer in Rancho Cucamonga. I am very close with each member of my family. Main Menu

4 College and Further Education I am ecstatic about college, I cannot wait! I picture my college life being very fun, I am excited for a fresh new start and to meet new people. In this chapter of my life, I hope to attend Arizona State University. Arizona has always been beautiful to me. Recently I was in Phoenix for a volleyball tournament and fell in love with Arizona even more. I plan to major in dietics and be a pediatric nutritionist or dietician of some sort. I am also interested in being a pediatrician because I enjoy working with kids. and. It will be a long journey before I start my career and a family but I am ready. I want to be very successful when I am older. My parents have both very high paying professions so I want to follow in their footsteps. Main Menu

5 Personal Goals After high school, I have big plans for my future. Because of college and my extra year of specialty degree I will be in college a minimum of five years. After that, I hope to start my profession some where coastal in Southern California. I hope to live in San Diego or at Manhattan Beach. My grandfather lives at Manhattan Beach so I have come to fall in love with it. San Diego is also a definite option. I want my children to be very fortunate just like I am. My parents have given me everything I have needed and much more so I want to follow in their footsteps. I want my children to have a very fun childhood with many vacations and outings. I also love to travel so this will be a plus for me too. I want to be very successful. I also want to continue the summer tradition of going to Lake Havasu to show them how great my childhood was. Main Menu

6 Interests/Hobbies Menu Volleyball Jeeps/Trucks Lake Havasu Main Menu I have many hobbies and interests. My main hobbies are volleyball and going to Lake Havasu. My favorite interest is Jeeps and trucks.

7 Volleyball Volleyball is my favorite sport. It involves six players on a court with a pass, set, and a kill. The play ends when the ball is not retrieved. The winning team then serves the ball to the other team to side out. Most games are played to twenty-five. In low age divisions, it is best out of three, but in higher age divisions it is often best out of five. The last game is played to fifteen instead of twenty- five. I have been playing volleyball since my freshman year when my mom made me try out because I did not play softball anymore. It was the best decision I have ever made! I was a natural at it. Currently, I play volleyball at RHS and for Inland Valley Volleyball Club. I have practice twice a week and tournaments every other weekend usually in club. I love both seasons of play, but I like the off season better because I get to focus more on my individual skill. Interests/Hobbies Menu

8 Jeeps/Trucks Interests/Hobbies Menu Since I was a kid, I have always loved Jeeps and trucks. I will make sure that I own at least one of each in my lifetime. My favorite Jeep is the four-door Rubicon. When I own one, I am going to get a lift, light rack, and all blacked out rims with huge tires. I also want a removable soft top because then I can take it off during the summer and drive to the beach. Ford Raptors are my favorite trucks. They are monstrous! When I own one, I can use it to tow my boat and trailer to Lake Havasu. Raptors have long travel suspension, a V- 8 engine, and 35-inch off road tires. They can crawl over anything.

9 Lake Havasu Since I was two years old, it has been a family tradition to go to Lake Havasu. This is where my parents met through mutual friends. We had a jet boat in the past and now we have a propeller boat. My family used to stay at Havasu Landing with our trailer, and now we stay at the south end of the lake at Havasu Springs with our new trailer. I love camping. Recently, I have taken up wakeboarding and I love it. Wakeboarding is similar to snowboarding, your feet go in the bindings, but you have a rope that is pulling you as you ride the water. It is now a family sport too. This has led me to venture to try snowboarding too. Lake Havasu is a second home to my family and I. Interests/Hobbies Menu

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