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Jackson’s Policy towards Native Americans

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1 Jackson’s Policy towards Native Americans
During Jackson’s Presidency, Native Americans were forced to move west of the Mississippi River

2 Key Vocabulary and Key People
Key Terms Indian Removal Act Indian Territory Trail of Tears Key People Sequoya Osceola

3 All Dressed up with Nowhere to be
AS Americans moved west they hoped Native Americans would either assimilate to their culture or leave the lands About 100,000 Native Americans in the Five Civilized Tribes remained east of the Mississippi River The Five Tribes were the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Indians

4 Cherokee People…Cherokee Tribe**
Under Sequoya, the Cherokee people adapted to the new white culture The Cherokee would adopt a Cherokee constitution in Georgia but as gold was discovered the federal government planned to move them out

5 Can I have another choice??
Jackson began to pass laws to move the Native Americans West, viewing them as conquered subjects Jackson gave the Native Americans TWO choices: Adopt white culture and become citizens of the US Move West into Indian Territories Native Americans could NOT form their own government

6 This Land is my Land….This land is also My land
As white settlers took over Cherokee Lands Jackson Favored the states Facing opposition from congress and some religions, The Indian Removal Act allowed the forced movement of the Native Americans While Jackson thought the Law was fair, it caused hardships, and death, among the Native Americans

7 Court Marshalled As more settlers took Native American Lands they were moved to Indian Territory near Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska While some tribes moved off the lands the Cherokees appealed the decision to the supreme court, which reversed the decision of Georgia and Jackson The decision by John Marshall would be ignored by BOTH Jackson and Georgia

8 Unhappy Trails The Cherokees would be rounded up and were forced into camps Many were forced to march in the rain and snow without proper clothes causing many to become ill and a quarter of the Cherokee to die The journey of removal, and death, became known as the Trail of Tears

9 Cease and Resist Some Cherokee, like Tsali resisted movements and would give their life to save other Cherokees The Seminoles would also resist and Osceola would be one of the best at resisting until he was captured and died in prison While some Seminoles moved deeper into the Everglades, Ohio River tribes also resisted relocation In one popular rebellion, Chief Black Hawk led his tribes into battle for land in Illinois but was badly defeated Native American Resistance would prove to be unsuccessful against a more powerful US Army

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