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The Federalists In Charge

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1 The Federalists In Charge
The Split between Hamilton and Jefferson led to the Growth of Political Parties

2 Alien and Sedition Acts
Key Vocabulary Foreign Policy Political Party XYZ Affair Alien and Sedition Acts States’ Rights

3 Retirement Party George Washington had been a Symbol of Unity in his first term but fought criticism in his second Washington Warned against Political disagreements BUT Political Parties would become a part of American politics Washington also warned America to stay out of foreign affairs and alliances with other countries

4 Generation Gap Hamilton Favored Britain during the French Revolution
Favored a Strong Central Government Wanted the US to focus on Trade, Manufacturing, and City Growth Jefferson and Madison Favored France during the French Revolution Wanted to avoid government tyranny Wanted the US to focus on Agriculture

5 We’re Having a Party Hamilton, Madison, and Jefferson Began to debate how the nation should be run These Debates led to the formation of the FIRST political Parties with Madison and Jefferson forming the Democratic-Republican Party Hamilton would form the Federalist Party

6 General Election Federalists
Strong National Government fearing mob rule Loose interpretation of the constitution Wanted National Bank Supported by Lawyers, Merchants and clergy Democratic-Republicans Limited National Government fearing rule of One Person Strict Interpretation of the Constitution Opposed National Bank Supported by farmers and tradespeople

7 Homecoming Party John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Faced off in the First election with Political Parties Adams, a Federalist, defeated Jefferson a democratic republican Jefferson would become Vice President and both would govern from Washington DC

8 An Affair to Remember France Begins to capture and loot US Trade Ships
Adams sent Ambassadors to hold talks with France, who were looking for loans and bribes After the XYZ Affair congress cancelled treaties with France and allowed the capture of French Ships

9 Alien-Nation Adams gained national popularity but drew criticism from the Democratic Republicans To Avoid Criticism Adams passed the Alien and Sedition Acts to weaken the Democratic Republicans Citizenship changed to a 14 year waiting period and the president gained the right to arrest and deport aliens from the country in times of war Sedition was also outlawed, limiting free speech

10 Constitutional Weapons
The new acts led to the restriction of freedom of speech and the press including the arrest of a congressman Matthew Lyon Jefferson and Madison used States’ Rights to combat the Alien and Sedition Acts in Kentucky and Virginia Kentucky proved states could nullify federal laws while Virginia showed a state could come between the federal government and the people When the Democratic republican party won control of congress they repealed the Alien and Sedition acts or let them expire

11 Third Time is a Charm Adams signed an agreement with France to stop all attacks on US Ships reopening trade Adams received criticism from the Federalists and was defeated in the election by Thomas Jefferson

12 This has been another WORLD FAMOUS Mr. Green PowerPoint Presentation
And Now you know the REST OF THE STORY…Good Day

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