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The Presidency of John Adams 4/23/2017 2:15 AM 1

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1 The Presidency of John Adams 4/23/2017 2:15 AM 1
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2 Presidential Candidate
Election of 1796 First election with political parties Federalists: John Adams Democratic-Republicans: Thomas Jefferson Adams wins presidency & Jefferson becomes V.P Political rivals Presidential Candidate Party Popular Vote Electoral Vote Count Percentage John Adams Federalist 35,726 53.4% 71 Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican 31,115 46.6% 68 Thomas Pinckney 59 Aaron Burr 30 Samuel Adams 15

3 France Threatens Neutrality
Relations with France are still tense France began seizing U.S. ships to prevent trade with Britain Federalists called for war with France Adams hoped talks would restore peace After this slide, show the video of Adams and Jefferson discussing neutrality.

4 XYZ Affair Adams sent 3 agents to meet with the French foreign minister 3 agents agreed to talk to U.S. for a $10 million loan to France & $250,000 to the minister Agents known as X, Y, & Z Congress & the public were outraged Cancelled all treaties with France & allowed for seizure of French ships After this slide, show the XYZ Affair video (Jefferson reading Marshall’s letter about the loan and bribe)

5 Alien & Sedition Acts The French conflict made Adams & the Federalists popular with the people Republicans were sympathetic to France Adams was blasted in periodicals, calling him the “tyrant of America” To silence critics he passed laws aimed at aliens Act increased the wait time to become a citizen from 5 to 14 years Act gave him power to arrest disloyal aliens & deport them Act outlawed publishing false statements about the gov’t After this video play the Alien and Sedition Act video; first clip is Adams discussing them with his cabinet, second is Abigail reading the slanders in the newspaper, third is Jefferson telling Adams the states reactions to the acts, there is a fourth clip of Adams signing it but if you want to save time you can stop it prior to.

6 Response of Democratic-Republicans’
Jefferson & Madison led the fight against the laws Used the theory of states’ rights States had rights the federal gov’t could not violate Virginia & Kentucky proposed resolutions to nullify (cancel) the laws in their states Nullification was not widely supported Acts were repealed when the Republicans controlled Congress between 1800 & 1802

7 Peace with France War fever in America was high
Adams reopened peace talks with France Both sides signed the Convention of stop all naval attacks Reopen the oceans for shipping & trading Adams became enemies with many Federalists After this video you could show John and Abigail going to the White House, but you don’t have to if you are short on time.

8 Election of 1800 Federalists: John Adams
Democratic-Republicans: Thomas Jefferson No majority won Election was decided by the House of Representatives Jefferson won the election & Aaron Burr became his V.P. After this slide, show them the clip of Jefferson talking about the tie with Adams. If you have some time left you can show the clip of him leaving or not.

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