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Parent information meeting

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1 Parent information meeting

2 fogadtatás സാഗതം Welcome powitanie bun venit

3 Things we will cover today
Graduation for children going to school Pupil premium How and what we teach your children in the nursery The support we offer to all our parents Time for questions Talking time

4 Graduation 2015 When: Friday July 10th 6pm – 8pm
Where: Little Smile Nursery Cost: £35

5 Pupil premium The pupil premium is an additional funding for early years settings to improve the education they provide for disadvantaged 3 and 4 year olds. A provider can claim 53p per child per hour which is approx. £300 per year to spend on enriching your child’s education. How can this help you child? They benefit from extra resources and equipment; enjoy a range of new play, learning and activity experiences; help to train staff to build on their knowledge and teaching; and they are being prepared to start school. The pupil premium follows this child whether at a school or another setting.

6 What are we teaching your children?
For each child of any age, there are 7 areas of development Personal, social and emotional development Communication and language Physical development Literacy Mathematics Understanding of the world Expressive arts and design

7 Please go into the other room to try out the activities

8 Tell me about what you think you learnt from these activities?

9 How do we support you, the parents?
We have parents meetings so we can both discuss and update our knowledge about your child We have a daily conversation about your child Through the homework book Through the babies/toddlers daily diary books Introducing more parent workshops (starting with healthy week) We support you by supporting your children too

10 ! Key dates! 1st - 5th June – Healthy week
3rd June – Dress like a fruit/vegetable day 19th June – Sports day (times to be confirmed) 10th July – Graduation 17th July – End of school year

11 Any questions?

12 Thank you for coming and hope this has helped you

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