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Welcome to St Albert’s New Reception Class Meeting June 17 th 2014.

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1 Welcome to St Albert’s New Reception Class Meeting June 17 th 2014

2 A Huge Welcome…. This is a very important and exciting time. It is an important decision which needs to be right for you, your child and your family You will ‘Feel’ when a school is right. We hope that you feel at home and inspired at St Albert’s.

3 Our Promise to you… To provide your child with the best opportunities. To recognise your child as an individual To ensure your child is safe and happy

4 Embracing life, learning and prayer for successful and confident children today and tomorrow

5 C H I L D C – child centred Hhigh standards and high expectations I Inspiring and memorable L Listening D Dreams and Doors

6 Meet the Teachers… Miss Henderson: EYFS lead and reception teacher. Mrs Cahill: Nursery Nurse, reception classroom assistant Mrs McEvoy: Headteacher

7 How your child will learn.. Early Years Foundation Stage Profile 3 Prime areas and 4 Specific Play through the continuous provision

8 3 PRIME Communication, Language and literacy. Personal, Social and Emotional Development Physical Development 4 Specific Literacy Mathematics Understanding of the World Expressive Arts and Designs

9 What it will look like… Daily time table 8.55: Doors open, children can choose from a book or to draw before the register is taken. 9.05: First carpet session; story time. 9.25: continuous provision 11.30: Read Write Inc, letters and sounds. 12.00: lunch 1.00: Second carpet session; maths 1.25: Continuous provision 2.50: close of day carpet session; RE and exploration. 3.05: coats on and story 3.15: home time.

10 What we need from you…


12 How you can do this.. Encourage your child to develop a love of learning Set aside 15 minutes daily to discuss school and when appropriate read your school reading book. Come to our stay and play sessions Come to our weekly reading afternoons Join in with our family learning Speak regularly with your child’s teachers.

13 Contribute to our leaning stories

14 Uniform Our children pride themselves on their uniform Boys: light blue shirt, grey trousers, blue tie, navy blue jumper, black shoes Girls: light blue shirt, navy blue skirt or tunic, blue tie, navy cardigan, black shoes. Long hair must be tied up. No trainers PE: light blue t-shirt, navy shorts, black pumps

15 Also….

16 Attendance and Punctuality Must be above 95% School starts at 5 to 9 At 9 am the doors will be shut and cannot be opened Good attendance is essential in reception

17 Lunch Time Free school meals Please join us for your child’s first lunch Snack £1 per week

18 Dates for your Diaries Stay and play sessions: -Tuesday 24 th June 10 am - Friday 4 th July 10 am -Tuesday 8 th July 10 am

19 Thank you!

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