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Welcome to … Mr. Wilson’s Room Powell County Middle School.

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1 Welcome to … Mr. Wilson’s Room Powell County Middle School

2 Am I in the right room? 7 th Grade Social Studies Mr. Wilson Room 126 Welcome! I hope so! If not we will find out soon, check your schedule and have your agenda book handy.

3 Where am I suppose to sit? You have an assigned seat that I have given you. This will be your seat until further notice. Your seat will help me learn your name. I’m not the best with names, so be patient with me and know if I have trouble learning yours that its because I’m not that smart

4 What are the rules? We will also be going over classroom procedures very shortly. Also inside your agenda is a set of school guidelines that are very handy. The first thing to know is that I expect the best from each one of you. We will respect one another, and learn together as the year goes by. But also….My rules are “MY RIGHTS” : 1. EVERY student has the right to MY BEST performance. 2. I have the right to an environment to which I CAN PERFORM. 3. NO ONE has the right to KEEP ME FROM TEACHING and STUDENTS FROM LEARNING!

5 READING! And Writing! STUDYING ANCIENT HISTORY! TECHNOLOGY! PROJECTS! What will I be doing this year?

6 How will I be graded? The grading scale is in your agenda, page 4: 90-100 =A 80-89 =B 70-79 =C 60-69 =D 0-59= F

7 Who is my teacher as a person? My name is Brian Wilson. This is my 12 th year teaching at Powell County Middle School. I’ve taught 6 total years of 6 th grade and 5 years of 7 th and 8 th. I have a wife, Patricia Wilson, who teaches kindergarten at Clay City Elementary. I have two children, both boys, Joseph, who is nearly 6 years old and Jordan, who is not quite 4 months old and I love them very much. He starts kindergarten today! My activities outside of school: Church, this is very important to me. Sports, I coach and love to play. Watching my oldest son play soccer, he is a beast in the making Video Games, yeah, yeah, I know, I’m old, but hey, I still play them anyway!

8 Will my teacher treat me fairly? I believe that each of you are equal when you walk in that door. You treat me with respect and I will in turn treat you with respect. You will get out of this classroom what you put in. Everyone is subject to the rules. Nobody gets off any easier than anyone else. Having said that, I’m fair and don’t want anyone to get in trouble. Lets have a great year together.


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