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Technology / Engineering Teacher Mr. Jordan Burton.

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1 Technology / Engineering Teacher Mr. Jordan Burton

2 First off … I’m am excited to meet all of you.

3 What are the rules; 4 simple guidelines to follow...

4 Consequences for not following the 4 simple guidelines...

5 Tell Me Two Things...

6 Who in the world is this? Mr. Burton is a graduate of Granby High School and Old Dominion University. Mr. Burton is coming to you from a long term subbing position at Granby High School. Mr. Burton loves technology and working with other people in a team. I look forward to our working together over the next two months as well as seeing you guys next year.


8 What am I here for … 2 Reasons I’m here to teach you to the best of my ability I am here to always treat you fairly and as a professional

9 Routine...

10 How can you contact Mr. Burton?

11 The rest of the year WILL be a good year for all of us!


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