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WELCOME BACK TO CROSBY And welcome to U. S. History.

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1 WELCOME BACK TO CROSBY And welcome to U. S. History


3 TODAY’S AGENDA Introduction Basic Classroom Expectations/Rules Earning grades Review important papers Schedule Hallway and Cafeteria expectation Emergency Procedures Champs and Consequences Getting to know you Questions

4 I have taught for nearly 20 years in high school and college. I have 2 degrees from East Tennessee State University and 1 from Lincoln Memorial University I am certified to teach social studies and English grades 8-12, computers K- 12 and math from 5-12 grade I believe all of you can and will learn at a high level. I have high expectations for each of you.



7 WHAT DO I EXPECT? (GENERAL CLASS PROCEDURES) Always be on time and prepared for class. Follow directions the first time they are given. Always raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise. Keep hands, feet, other objects and comments to yourself.

8 PROCEDURES AND GRADING. All assignments will be given a point value Grades will be determined by the number of points earned divided by the number of points possible for a given category. You will be graded for the following categories: tests, projects, homework, class assignments, quizzes, student reflection, participation You should be able to keep up with your grades by checking infinite campus. – see syllabus Extra credit will be available through from time to time.

9 CATEGORY WEIGHTS Class Work 20% Projects15% Homework15% Class Assignments10% Quizzes10% Student Reflection10% Class Participation 10% Notebook10%

10 SCHEDULE Pride 7:35-7:55 1 st 8:00 – 8:55 2 nd 9:00 – 9:55 3 rd 10:00 – 11:00 4 th 11:05 – 12:20 5 th 12:25 – 1:20 6 th 1:25 – 2:20

11 HALLWAY EXPECTATIONS (PASSING TIME) You have 5 minutes to go from one class to the next. I expect you to move quickly to your next class. You will have several locker breaks, after 2 nd and 4 th periods. If you use the restroom between classes you need to make sure you make it to class on time. I expect you to be in your seat writing the learning target, copying the agenda and working on the warm up when the bell rings.

12 PASSING TIME CONTINUED U Use Level 2 voice in the hall. K Keep moving N No Horseplay Keep hands/feet to yourself O Obey one way hallway/stairs W Walk on the right side of the hall 1 1 Person to a locker

13 Supplies I expect you to come to class everyday with your agenda. I expect you to have a pen (blue or black) and a pencil. I expect you to come with a binder with paper in it. I expect you to bring your book everyday to class unless I tell you otherwise. Lets review agenda pen binder textbook and homework

14 CAFETERIA GUIDELINES While in line on the tile be at voice level zero. This allows the cafeteria workers to hear the lunch numbers. When you exit the line you should sit at your assigned table Make sure all garbage ends up in the can and clean up any mess you may have made Wait to get up until your class is called If you MUST get up, raise your hand and get permission from the lunch monitor. Line up at the appropriate area and have good hallway behavior when entering the hallway

15 EMERGENCY PROCEDURES Fire Drill Exit Room go left and out exit 17. Go out to the back of the back parking lot and remain there until given further instructions. Tornado Drill get into emergency position along the front wall and the side wall. Earthquake drill get under your desk to protect head and body from falling debris. Reminder that all drills are at a voice level ZERO. It should be completely silent. You are expected to keep your hands, feet, and comments to yourself. All drills should be taken seriously. Failure to do so will result in you going see Mr. Kelly and the assistant principals.

16 C C Conversation What is my voice level? H H Help How do I get it? A A Action What am I supposed to be doing? M M Movement what movement is OK? P P Participation What should I be doing to show Ms. McGrew I am I participating? S S Success I want everyone to be successful

17 School like life is full of choices. What you choose to do will likely impact your consequence. What are some consequences of good school behavior and work? What are some consequences of bad school behavior and work?

18 FINAL THOUGHTS I am very excited that I get the opportunity to teach you eighth grade Social Studies. I know this will be a great year. To be successful in this class you are expected to keep up with your work. I will be calling or writing parents or guardians regularly. Your behavior and grades will determine what is said. Part of my job is to teach you social studies, the other part of my job is to get you ready for high school – and life.

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