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Product Analysis of a Coat Hanger

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1 Product Analysis of a Coat Hanger
Homework 1 Set date : Week beginning 16th September

2 Designing works in a very similar way.
At the heart of Design & Technology is the ability to look critically at a product and see how it looks and why it works the way it does. The skill of evaluation is something that is useful throughout your life, when choosing items to buy, where to live, what food to eat etc. You made your choices based on your likes and dislikes. Designing works in a very similar way.

3 Product Analysis This is a very important part of design technology and can be carried out on any product. You can learn a lot about design by comparing existing products, this can help you to: Come up with ideas Avoid making mistakes Design a successful product In this project you are going to complete a product analysis on a product we all use every day; a coat hanger

4 Hangers come in all different shapes and sizes

5 Have you ever looked objectively at the different types available?
and colours and materials Have you ever looked objectively at the different types available? Louis

6 Now, go and find a hanger in your wardrobe!

7 Product Analysis Task 1 You should spend approximately 1 hour on this section Part 1 Choose a coat hanger that you have at home. You then need to examine the hanger; write a paragraph to describe the type and its purpose. Some of the following questions may help: How many separate parts does the hanger have? Is there a neck, a base, a stem or any clips? Are there any attachments? How might the construction of the hanger increase the value (cost)of the item it holds? How might the quality of the hanger reflect the quality of the product? Is there a label? Describe it How does the design of the hanger reflect the clothes it might be used for?

8 Part 2 – Complete a product analysis of your product (coat hanger).
Task 1 (continued) Part 2 – Complete a product analysis of your product (coat hanger). Draw a sketch of the product in the box and annotate your sketch considering the following areas: Shape Size (measure it) Material Aesthetics (appearance) Function (what it is used for) Note down what you like and dislike about this product. Justify your comments. Now consider how you could improve this product……

9 Task 2 You should spend approximately 1 hour on this section Now you have analysed your product, you task is to re-design the hanger in a range of creative ways. On page 3 of your answer booklet you need to produce your design ideas, developing and improving your designs as you create them. When presenting your idea try to - draw in 3D and use lots of colour annotate your design to explain key features notes to explain how you have improved the original hanger design The next slide contains some interesting hangers, these may inspire your designs.

10 Examples of Creative Hangers

11 Task 3 This section is all about modelling.
Modelling is a very important part of a designers work. It is important to model ideas to see if they are going to work. To model your design idea, measure the size of the hanger that you completed your product analysis on. Using card, create a model of your design, colour it and test that it works. You must show that you have improved the hanger that you analysed and made it more creative!

12 Evaluation Evaluation
After you have completed your homework project to the best of your ability you need to think about how well you have done, and how you could improve your work. The work book provides space for you to reflect on what you have done well. Be honest! You will also be asked to state which parts of the homework you think you could improve upon. You need to think about things such as how you have presented your work, did you do as much research that you could, do you think you used your time wisely or did you not spend enough time on it. Do you think you could have improved your ideas, or how you have explained your ideas. What about your model? Is it neat, does it look good. All of these aspects could be evaluated, but it your pinion of your work that we are looking for whilst marking it.

13 Assessment You can achieve a very good level for this project if you decide to put in the effort it requires. There are examples of how to achieve each level on the next slide. Think about your target grade, and think to your self – do I want to achieve that or am I going to stretch myself to get a higher level. Looking at the level descriptors before you start your assignment might help you with the content of your work. Good luck!

14 Level descriptors for solving technical problems
Assessment Pupil Assessment Teacher Assessment LEVEL 5 You complete a product analysis and this inspires your designs. A model has been created. LEVEL 6 A detailed product analysis has been completed, this inspires your designs. Your designs are creative and annotated. A suitable model has been produced. LEVEL 7 You have completed a detailed product analysis considering shape, size, materials, aesthetics and function. You have creatively designed your hanger, annotated your design work to explain its function. Your model is completed to a high standard and is functional (i.e. in proportion) LEVEL 8 You have created a highly detailed product analysis considering shape, size, materials, aesthetics and function. All of your decisions have been justified. Your design work is exceptional and shows creativity and orginality. You produce a fully functional model and explain how you tested this out.

15 Accessing the homework
You will be offered a hard copy from your teacher of Y9IL2a you can also access this from the schools website. You may also be given a hard copy of the template needed for task 3 If you are finding the homework difficult in any way please use this PowerPoint to help you, or use Y9IL2b (on the website) If you feel like you want to stretch and challenge your self and go for a higher level than your target please look at Y9ILA2c

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