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Welcome to my conference! February 2006 8 th grade Guadalupe.

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1 Welcome to my conference! February 2006 8 th grade Guadalupe

2 What was your easiest assignment in Algebra & why? The easiest assignment in Algebra was graphing linear equations with the graphing calculator. It is the easiest assignment because all I had to do was get the equation into y- intercept form and put it in the calculator. The calculator graphs it for me and I only have to copy the graph. Simple.

3 What was your hardest Algebra assignment & why? The hardest Algebra assignment was having to read a selection and then coming up with an equation and solving it. It was the hardest because I got everything mixed up and always did everything wrong, because the way I wrote it was different from the way it was worded in the selection.

4 What have been your easiest and hardest Social Studies assignments? Describe them. The easiest Social Studies assignment has been the worksheet that had a timeline and gave us the dates. It has been the easiest because all I had to do was write down what happened that year. The hardest Soc. St. assignment has been working on the different types of political parties (Republicans, Democrats…) because I get confused on who is working towards what. Or which political party is on the favor of something.

5 In Science & Spanish, what assignment has frustrated you the most? Why? The assignment in Spanish class that has frustrated me the most is understanding indirect object pronouns. This has frustrated me because I don’t understand how to find the indirect object pronoun and circle the direct object pronoun. In Science there’s really nothing I am frustrated with because the worksheets are pretty easy. What I don’t like is the complicated way the book explains everything, Because e the book decides to take the long way of explaining things instead of just telling us straight forward what they want us to know. =MS2901&location=international

6 Do you feel challenged in Language Arts? Why/not? Describe your favorite activity so far. No I don’t feel very challenged in Language Arts because writing haikus is pretty simple and reading nothing but the truth is simple also. My favorite assignment so far is reading Nothing But The Truth because I like the book and it is not very hard to understand.

7 What stresses you out about school and why? What stresses me out about school is not understanding things. I gets in my nerves when I don’t understand things immediately. What also stresses my about school is the homework. It is when we get a lot of homework and I don’t even know where to begin. Then I spend a long time trying to make up my mind on whether I should start with Algebra or Social Studies.

8 Pick two specific classes you can improve in, and tell two specific steps you can take to improve. Two classes I can improve in are Band and Algebra. I can improve in band by practicing the 100 minutes as I am suppose to in a week. Also by trying harder and not just doing what will get me by. To improve in Algebra I can study every day and not just before a test. I can also spend more time on my Algebra homework. That way I would be able to understand it better.

9 How much time do you spend doing homework each night? Describe your routine. I spend about two hours doing homework each night. First of all I get home at about 3:00 p.m. I go to my room turn on my computer an put on some music. Then I get out my homework and do it. I usually finish at about 5:00 p.m. If I need to go to the library and do research my mom usually takes me around 5:00 p.m. so I go do research and then take some notes.

10 What are your test grades like? Tell three specific ways you study. My test grades are pretty good in every class except Algebra. In Algebra I got a C on my last test (before end of 2 nd period). Three ways I study for my tests is writing questions on flash cards and the answer on the back. I also use the question answer sheet. I also just go over my notes and make my self some questions that I believe will appear on the test. I reread material handed to me in class as well.

11 As you prepare to go to high school, what subjects or areas do you feel you need the most improvement? How can your teachers & parents help? The subject I feel I need more improvement in is Algebra. One way I can get helped in Algebra is if we had more Algebra time. I also need to get better at learning my equations and knowing when I need to use them. That way I don’t use the wrong equation. I also need to improve on taking notes so that I don’t write down every little detail. The teachers can help me with this by having us take more notes in class.

12 Teacher Comment Page Well done slide show Lupe! I especially appreciate that you cited each of your graphics, which were chosen well. Honest and thoughtful responses as well. 29 out of 30 points. You are such a bright and talented student, that sometimes I just worry that you put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect. I recognized a little bit of myself in you too- sometimes when I have a lot to do, I obsess about what to do first, and waste a lot of time doing that! It helps me to make a list, because if I see it on paper, I can prioritize easier. If you need extra help in Algebra, or learning how to take more concise notes, I’d be happy to help with either! Sra. T.

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